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Before you hire a real estate agent (Realtor), insurance agent, or mortgage broker, use Rate-My-Agent.com to find the best agent for you (and avoid the wrong agents)!

The database of agents and reviews is not limited to the twenty cities listed above.  Review thousands of agents from Canada, USA, and Australia.  Rate-My-Agent.com is open for reviews worldwide.  Wherever you are in the world, publish some love for your favourite agents.

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Review and Rating Criteria

Rate-My-Agent.com offers unique rating elements you won't find anywhere else.  Rating criteria is also tailored to the type of agent you're reviewing.  For Realtors we include ratings for Marketing Reach and Lead Generation, Home Preparation and Staging Advice, and whether or not the real estate agent Offers to Show For Sale By Owner Listings.  With mortgage brokers we ask for Mortgage Application Guidance ratings.  Reviews of insurance brokers or agents include a rating for their Handling of Claims.  Other helpful reviewable criteria that applies to all agents includes, Usefulness of Website, Value of Service, Type of Property, and a recommendation that answers, 'Would you use this agent again?'

Including a comment with your reviews is encouraged to provide some context for those who read your reviews.  When commenting, be sure to only state facts that you can prove.

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