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We discovered Larry and his company by chance a few years ago when we arrived from Australia and we were interested in purchasing a house in Florida. We did not know anything about buying a house locally, the buying process itself, and knew no one. We really struggled to find someone we liked, could answer questions, and found responsive, we felt nearly all the agents we talked to were unreliable and not that knowledgeable, lots never bother to call us back or interact with us, obviously this created a bad impression with us from the beginning. Then we met Larry, we were so lucky to find him. Larry is extremely knowledgeable and reliable. He advised us, and helped us on many occasions during the process of buying and selling houses. Without him we would NOT have been so successful. Had I known Larry existed from day one, I would not have contacted or considered anyone else, That is why I would like to share with others my experience with others. I strongly recommend Larry and Castle Dream Real Estate to anyone buying or selling real estate in the states and want to be successful, you will not be disappointed.