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Worst realtor ever used. Met realtor at an open house I was interested in. He called after unsuccessful offer to purchase, notifying me that another unit in same complex came available but is in bad shape. He said that it's a great deal and if you renovate, then will look same as the unsuccessful purchase. He confirmed that he was able to obtain a verbal authorization from the strata council woman that the renos I wanted to do did not require a written authorization throughout the process. I purchased this home, hired the contractor he suggested and recommended and started the renos. I kept asking to ensure he received the verbal authorizations and he said yes as the council woman is a long time client of his and she's been advised what I wanted to do and i did not require strata's authorization as she is on the council and she said it's ok. Kept telling me that he's read the strata bylaws and what I wanted to do is authorized and he's been in the business for 35 years and therefore, I know what I'm doing because I read the bylaws many times, is what was advised many times over. Well, as it turns out, after my renovations were completed, I received a letter from the strata manager that the renovations completed is against bylaws due to no written authorization upfront. I mentioned the strata council woman's name and that my realtor on numerous occasions that an authorization was given. Then, the strata manager refused my explanation and wanted photos of the renos, and when I refused due to invasion of my privacy, it escalated to "the notice" which meant that they are forcing me to provide photos or in suite inspection. After receiving the email from the strata manager, I contacted this realtor immediately that he needed to fix this. He took his time and did not want to "involve" this council woman who gave the verbal authorizations. Well, it turned out he didn't get her authorization and/or she refused. After many conversations, I contacted his boss, and she advised me to do one thing, and when I contacted this realtor again as he left me several messages to call, he says, oh no, she, his manager said this. Totally opposite of what this manager advised me earlier. At the same conversation, he admits to lying and withholding information and about the upfront authorization he didnt obtain. He didn't get this authorization. I highly doubt he even asked this council woman. He told me this to get a sale. Not sure if he's been in the business for 35 years as obviously if he can't read or understand the strata bylaws. After all this, I read through the lengthy bylaws myself and guess what? You need a written upfront authorization for renos. What's worse is that he blames me for his error because he wants someone to blame for his error and negligence. I advised him that he is the professional that should have carefully read and advised me correctly without withholding information. I advised him that if renos were not possible, then I would have never purchased the unit or have it renovated. With all this, I don't think he feels that he did anything wrong. DO NOT USE THIS REALTOR. He will say one thing but do another or just plain lie to your face. He likes to blame his clients for his blatant negligence if something goes wrong because he needs to make himself feel better. This is the type of realtor who will say and do anything to sell you a home. He is also someone who makes realtors have a bad name. I am now stuck with dealing with this strata manager singling me out about providing photos and advising her of my right to privacy and unlawful request to enter my home for an inspection. - YJ

April 29, 2020

Reply:    My name is Suzanne Carswell, I am the Area Managing Broker for Royal LePage West . The comments made by YT are an unjust representation of my agent Barry Angus who is one of our seasoned trouble free realtors with an unblemished record. I have never had a single comment or complaint about Barry in all our years working together. I spoke with YT prior to her writing this unacceptable complaint and would like to state for the record that she has completely misquoted me. Her issue is with the Strata Mngt Company who simply requested a few pictures of her renovations for their records to ensure no structural or common area changes were made during her renovation of her home. In general had we not been in a pandemic , the Strata would have requested to see the renovations in person but rather simply asked YT to take a few pictures instead and email them. YT thought this was a "violation of her rights". I simply told her nobody should have their rights violated but that this was not the case in her situation and explained the Strata Mngt company has a duty to keep records and enforce the Bylaws. YT has chosen to take this out on Barry when in fact she should be commending him for not only doing his job in assisting her to find her new home but for also assisting her in the arranging of meetings with various trades to ensure that no structural or common areas were compromised throughout the process of the renovations. He even went so far as to obtain samples and quotes from countertop and flooring companies, in which she used. Now does this sound like the actions of "The Worst Realtor Ever"??? If that's the case, then sign me up for his services!! I find it very unfortunate that a website like this can paint a very negative picture of an individual without any verification of the facts. YT's comments are false, one sided and slanderous. Maybe there should be a website called Rate-My-Client" that exposes the bad behaviors such as individuals as YT.

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Feb 2020


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