Linda Ward-Paul, Qualicum Beach, Real Estate Agent
Email Agent
Company Re/Max Anchor Realty
Cell 250-240-****
Address 113 West 2nd Avenue

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I reside in Victoria at present so I was not able to help with anything to do with the showings. Linda not only managed the showings beautifully, but she also took such care of the tenants. They shared with me that she always provided ample notice before showings and always left them little gifts to thank them for the inconvenience. I was very grateful for this, as these tenants have taken care of my home as if it were their own, and I wanted to be sure that the renters were comfortable with the process, as they had no real control over what was happening. Linda managed the numerous documents needing to be authorized, amended, and signed with ease, and was always available to explain and clarify any questions I had. At no time during the entire transaction did I feel stressed, concerned, or anxious about anything that was taking place on my behalf. I have bought and sold six properties in the past and have never experienced this level of ease. Once the conditions were lifted and the sale was final, Linda and I talked, and it was then that I discovered how many issues, such as time delays, concerns about the home inspection, and other stresses, that Linda had dealt with on my behalf without bothering me with the details. I was very impressed by Linda's supportive, calm professionalism demonstrated through this experience. I will definitely be recommending her to my friends and family. - Tracey Horrocks

September 28, 2020

Reply:    Tracey, thank you for entrusting me with the sale of your home. Selling from a distance can be a stressful event and I truly appreciate that you asked for what you needed and didn't hesitate when questions or concerns arose. There is so much in transactions that are never noted - how being able to facilitate someone to achieve what they want is the very best part for me. Not to mention meeting such fine people. Thank you and I wish you the very best in your new home! Linda

425 Qualicum Rd, Qualicum Beach, BC
Dec 2020

Tracey Horrocks

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