Navneet Singh Bhasin, Brampton, Real Estate Agent
Navneet Singh Bhasin
Real Estate Agent
Brampton, ON
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Dilip P on April 14, 2024

Reliable, Accommodating, and Trustworthy! I purchased my first home through Navneet 10 years ago, recommended by a friend. Due to my previous positive experience, I returned to Navneet for my recent home purchase after a decade. Navneet is a very understanding and accommodating individual. Navneet demonstrated strong professionalism and provided great support from start to finish, making the process seamless and stress-free for my family. I would highly recommend Navneet for reliable and knowledgeable real estate services.

Sharon on March 11, 2024

So happy I found Navneet to list my home that sold in 2 days with $72,000 over asking! I highly recommend Navneet for any and all of your real estate needs. It is hard in this day and age to find genuine and sincere real estate agents who will go above and beyond for their clients and who truly cares. He is very professional, knowledgeable and is honest. Also, never once was he critical of my property or was negative. He made me feel comfortable and his #1 goal was to get me the best price for my home and he did that in 2 days!!

Pearl Blackman on March 11, 2024

After reviewing many online reviews I choose Agent Navneet Bhasin of to sell my home. On my original contact with him I knew I made the right decision. Nav expertise in the market was evident,he was incredibly knowledgeable and communicative.Once the For Sale sign was up,and throughout my home selling process Nav was incredibly communicative.He promptly answered to my calls and emails keeping me informed about every development. I was as impressed with his negotiation skills.Nav managed to sell my home in less than two weeks on the market for over the listing price. Nav provided support beyond just the selling of my home.When I was stressed about moving timelines,he connected me with support found me new living accommodation and checked with me to ensure I was settled.His genuine care and support extend our relationship beyond a transaction,he went out of his way to accommodate me. If you looking for a great agent! I recommend Navneet Bhasin!You won’t be disappointed. I sure wish I could rate him above the 5star rating.

Dean Sabean on March 10, 2024

I found Navneet through a combination of on line research and supportive reviews from others, websites for top Realtors in Brampton including Rate-my-Agent and narrowed my search to a field of 4 Agents. I then interviewed these 4 Agents in person before selecting the right person I felt we could trust to represent my family for this significant change in our life, selling our home. During the interviews I was looking for someone with observable qualities of honesty, transparency, knowledge, strategic planning and who I could see would be responsive to our specific needs. Navneet exhibited all of these qualities and won our trust. I am a strategic person due to my work and as I met and spoke directly with Navneet, my own instincts told me we could trust Navneet. Putting Navneet in the driver’s seat in selling our home was one of the best decisions I have made. As promised up front, he came to us with a TEAM and he led his team to an excellent outcome. He easily met and exceeded our expectations and maintained constant contact with me throughout the entire process every day. He layed out his strategy at the beginning and we followed his direction throughout and that was the best plan I could ever expect. My family’s overall experience was extremely positive and I would highly recommend TeamNavneet to anyone who wants to have an assured and positive outcome. Thank you TeamNavneet!

Nitin Bhardwaj on January 24, 2024

Happy with Navneet's services. Showed professionalism and transparency. He was very supportive during this transaction. I was able to complete this purchase in just 2 days after viewing because of his detailed presentation of the property

Francisca Banfield on January 20, 2024

My home had already been on the market a fews months by the time I was introduced to Navneet. Due to the horrible real estate market and higher interest rates, it was becoming extremely difficult to sell my home. Watching other homes in the neighborhood "SOLD" signs; and seeing them sell their property's for way less than historical seen brought its own level of stress, this meant the longer i was in the market i would receive less for my property. I was living in a staged home for months and my stress level was off the charts. When Navneet was introduced to me, the first thing he said was I understand what you've been going through and you are in a time crunch, i promise you have nothing to worry about, i will sell your home. Honestly, I believe him and allowed him to come and restaged my home. Throughout the process of showing my home, he provided timely feedback from the viewing agents &clients. I couldn't believe it, Nav sold my home in LESS than one month. He negotiated and got a better price, he took time to explain the process and handled everything very professionally and with the utmost kindness. He is fantastic at what he does and will reccomend him with both hands.

Marlene on December 10, 2023

Navneet Bhasin very professional and knowledgeable.Was very attentive to all my questions and concerns. Gave good advised and worked hard to get the best price. Highly recommend Navneet.Singh Bhasin.

Paramjot Kaur on December 10, 2023

We received an enthusiastic recommendation for Navneet from a family friend. Navigating the process of buying a home in the current market landscape was quite daunting. Nevertheless, Navneet stood by our side throughout the entire journey. From start to finish, he introduced us to a diverse array of homes, providing us with a comprehensive grasp of the available choices. During the quest to find our dream home, Navneet's support and enthusiasm never wavered. He managed to turn our home buying experience into an enjoyable one. Navneet's extensive expertise is matched by his consistent availability to address queries and alleviate concerns. His genuine honesty and dedication to his clients' best interests shine through, as he goes above and beyond to ensure a positive experience. We eagerly look forward to the opportunity to recommend Navneet to our family and friends.

Vageesh Nigam on December 03, 2023

Navneet was an absolute pleasure working with. Pleasing personality and never pushing. He was helpful and made us very comfortable. Not only did he got the place up and ready for showing at a very fast speed he was also very helpful with his key inputs during prospective tenants. Navneet has a brilliant team which work promptly and efficiently, They are always all ears and dependable. All this made our whole experience easy and stress free. I would highly recommend him.

Gurinder Pal Singh on December 02, 2023

Navneet is very knowledgeable and professional. He was very helpful from the starting, getting the best option for me according to my needs, viewing the desired properties and providing the best suggestions on what to look for in a property. My whole process of buying has been very smooth and delightful.

Daniel on November 25, 2023

We found NAVNEET online. After interviewing a few agents, it was with without question Nav was the right realtor for us. His guidance and expertise allowed for a flawless transaction with comfort and ease. We are extremely happy for selecting nav as our agent and promise to use in the future. Nav and his team set up our home in a way we could have never imagined. His communication with us was always fantastic. We had multiple showings and offers, in a tough market but Nav’s skills to sell the house at expected price was met. We are soo happy with the whole outcome and process.

Taminder Singh on November 05, 2023

Selling a property can present considerable challenges, yet I must applaud Nav and his team for making it a really enjoyable experience. It might sound unbelievable, but it's true. From the very outset, Navneet demonstrated remarkable partnership qualities. His communication proficiency was outstanding, he consistently delivered on his promises, and, in my view, he went the extra mile by putting in extraordinary dedication. His profound grasp of the market was truly remarkable. I wholeheartedly endorse Navneet to anyone, particularly if you're uncertain about finding the ideal representative for your needs. From my personal encounter, there's simply no comparison. Once more, I want to extend my sincere gratitude to Nav and his team.

Bivek on October 03, 2023

Excellent service by Navneet Bhaji . Made our first time home buying experience a breeze. We highly recommend Navneet Bhaji for any home buying and selling services. Thank you for providing great service.

Mohammed R on July 26, 2023

When searching for a dependable realtor, my wife and I came across Navneet’s Goggle reviews, and decided to hire him. Once we met him, right off the bat, he seemed truly knowledgeable, genuine, and showcased that he has negotiation skills. After our discussion, we felt confident to go forward with him. All our expectations were laid out, and he assured us that it is doable. He provided us with helpful tips, which lead to meeting all our expectation. I would definitely recommend Navneet to anyone as their realtor.

Virgillio on July 09, 2023

When feeling uncertain about where to start, encountering Navneet, a real estate agent, completely changed the perception that all agents are the same. Despite knowing many realtors among family and friends, choosing Navneet based on his reviews turned out to be the best decision. From the beginning, there was no pressure or pushback. Navneet understood my requirements, provided education and clarity when confusion arose, and his motivation and positive demeanour alleviated worries. With a diligent and intelligent team, the entire process went smoothly. With a strong reputation, connections, and recommendations, Navneet's service extended beyond a housing transaction, fostering a great relationship. Working with Navneet and his team for real estate needs is highly recommended, promising an enjoyable and exciting experience. Good luck, Navneet!

Lokamah on July 08, 2023

Selling a property can be quite a challenging task, but I have to commend Nav and his team for making this experience truly enjoyable. It may sound unbelievable, but it's true. Right from the start, Navneet proved to be an incredible partner. His communication skills were excellent, he remained true to his commitments, and in my opinion, he went above and beyond by exerting extraordinary efforts. His profound understanding of the market was truly exceptional. I highly recommend Navneet to anyone, especially if you're unsure about who would be the best representative for you and your interests. In my personal experience, there is no one else that compares. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude once again to Nav and his team.

Manmeet Ajmani on July 07, 2023

We found Navneet through Google reviews and from the first meeting, we liked his professionalism, knowledge and expertise in the real estate business. He was very responsive and patiently answered all our questions as a first time seller. His team did an exceptional job cleaning and staging our house and made it look like a model home or showpiece. Him and his team also suggested some minor changes that made a huge difference in how our house looked. With his marketing strategy, we were able to get high number of showings and multiple offers ultimately selling our house way over asking. I would definitely recommend Nav and his team for any real estate needs anyone has.

Mohammed on July 05, 2023

I was looking for hiring a reliable and competent realtor to sell my house at Brampton. When I first talked with Navneet, I got realized he has the talent and marketing technics to sale my house at my expected price. He presented my house such a nice way we got over 100 plus showings and eventually multiple offers came for the house. Finally, my Brampton's house has been sold over My Asking Price! I would like to recommend Navneet Sing for every home owner who wants to sell their precious house quickly specially south Asian and Bengali communities. Yes, he deserves 5 star!

Creshna & Veena on July 01, 2023

Selling a property can be quite a challenging task, but I have to commend Nav and his team for making this experience truly enjoyable. It may sound unbelievable, but it's true. Right from the start, Navneet proved to be an incredible partner. His communication skills were excellent, he remained true to his commitments, and in my opinion, he went above and beyond by exerting extraordinary efforts. His profound understanding of the market was truly exceptional. I highly recommend Navneet to anyone, especially if you're unsure about who would be the best representative for you and your interests. In my personal experience, there is no one else that compares. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude once again to Nav and his team. I only wish I had another property to sell.

Gurinder Singh on June 30, 2023

I am absolutely thrilled to give Navneet Singh Bhasin - Team Nav a well-deserved 5-star review for his excellent services in selling our house. Navneet and his team took care of everything from start to finish, ensuring a smooth and successful selling experience. Right from our initial meeting, Navneet showcased his expertise and in-depth knowledge of the real estate market. He provided valuable suggestions and recommended changes that would help us sell our house quickly for top dollars. Thanks to his insights, we made some strategic modifications that significantly increased our home's appeal. Navneet's team was exceptional. They professionally cleaned and staged our house, making it look absolutely stunning. The 3D virtual tour they created was impressive and gave potential buyers an immersive experience even before stepping foot inside. The attention to detail was evident in every aspect of their work. Navneet's marketing strategies were highly effective. He utilized various online platforms to maximize exposure for our property. As a result, we had a considerable number of showings, which eventually led to multiple offers. We were amazed when our house sold for an incredible $287,000 over asking price! Navneet's expertise truly paid off. Throughout the process, Navneet maintained excellent communication. He was always responsive, keeping us updated on every aspect of the sale. His professionalism and friendly nature made working with him an absolute pleasure. I wholeheartedly recommend Navneet Singh Bhasin - Team Nav to anyone seeking a top-notch real estate agent. Navneet's dedication, expertise, and exceptional service set him apart. Thank you, Navneet, for your outstanding assistance in selling our house. You truly exceeded our expectations!

Ravinder Singh on June 28, 2023

5 star experience. Navneet guided us throughout the whole process and considering that we are first time home buyers, his suggestions were invaluable along the way. We are very happy with the assistance he provided to us and can wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone.

Princesse and Matembe Mosala on March 29, 2023

Navneet Bhasin and his team were professional through and through and they helped with every inquiry we had. He promised and he delivered more than we expected. We would recommend him no doubt

Jaspreet Kaur on March 13, 2023

He acted almost as our mentor in the whole process and guided us through our first home buying experience. He was available at all times and for all our queries. 5 star experience.

Josie Babic on January 28, 2023

It was great working with Nav and his team. Sold in Brampton. Bought in Orillia. They were very professional and accommodating. Worked hard to get a good price when selling and made sure we didn’t overpay for when we were buying. I would recommend Nav as your real estate agent any time. Thank you Nav and Team.

Ivy Domrique on November 27, 2022

Nav helped us a lot in selling and buying a house. He patiently showed us numerous properties until we have found our perfect home. I highly recommend Nav as he is amazing, professional, knowledgeable realtor, and he is very easy to deal with. We appreciate your efforts. It was indeed a great experience working with you! God bless you and your family!

Marek, Grazyna Matusiak on November 23, 2022

We had great pleasure to work with Navneet. We have been looking for good real estate Agent to sell our property in this difficult time. Navneet did everything to explain to us what kind situation is now on market and what to do to successfully sell the house. He is very calm and very easy to work with. He gives us contacts to contractors to improve our house. He organizes free staging, and our house is SOLD. Before we hire Navneet, I did check reviews. I will recommend him for everyone who is on housing market.

Alexis Sarmiento on November 15, 2022

We would consider ourselves very conservative and very picky since buying a house is one of the biggest investment in our lives. Obviously we did a lot of research online and short listed a few realtors and Navneet Bhasin stood out from the rest. From the moment of our first contact, he was very transparent and we could feel the sincerity in his words. Throughout the process from selling our home to searching our new house and buying it, he was with us giving all the support we needed. He was very patient with us and always did a job beyond expectations. He was always available for any questions we had. Very approachable and punctual. He also has an arsenal of referrals which were very helpful for us. All in all, Navneet is the agent you should be hiring. Highly recommended. Thank you so much Navneet!

Shamim Shakil on November 14, 2022

My experience with Navneet has been extremely positive. Our house sold faster than we expected, and more easily than expected. I think the main reason for this, is because Navneet knows what he's doing. Navneet walked me through the process, taking time to ensure I understood my options and explained everything to me patiently and thoroughly. I am very satisfied with my experience and would highly recommend Navneet!

Prabhjot Kaur on August 23, 2022

Nav has been amazing in our journey of finding a new home. He is patient and an honest guide. We sold our house and bought a new one with him. In short, he was always on our side working to make our house purchase and selling as simple and successful as possible. The best part about working with Nav was that he was always more focused on answering our questions, giving us good advice, and finding homes that met our needs than he was on closing a deal. I would recommend him to anyone.

Arashdeep Singh on August 23, 2022

Nav sold our house for its best possible value, and then acquired our dream home $200K under asking. It was a challenging market to navigate, with bank rate hikes and adamant sellers, however Nav's experience showed in buying side as well as selling side negotiations. As a thorough gentleman, and an astute professional, Nav understood our requirements and delivered beyond our expectations. Along with a highly effective realtor, I now also have a friend.

Lynda on August 02, 2022

Navneet is a very clam, professional and knowledgeable agent! I would highly recommend him to all my family and friends. He is fantastic! Thank you for all you did for us!

K V S on July 30, 2022

Thank you Navneetji for supporting and guiding us throughout our journey as a first time homebuyer. We really appreciate your knowledge in the industry. It was indeed commendable that once you learnt about the property we like you worked beyond our expectation and got us the property within our budget. Truly recommend Navneetji for buying property.

Ankit Kumar on July 11, 2022

It was a great experience to have Navneet as our real estate agent. He is an extremely experienced realtor who helped us buy our first property in Toronto Downtown. My wife and I were first time buyers and he made sure that we were comfortable and in knowing of all the important details. He understood our housing needs and budget precisely and helped us get the right property in our preferred neighborhood. Navneet's xpertise in and around the GTA area are supreme. Negotiation skills are on point and he made sure that he represented us extremely well in the negotiations with the seller's agent and got us the best deal possible in align with our budget. His services are exceptional and he will help you in every way possible. We highly recommend Navneet!!

Dibyajyoti Chatterjee on June 23, 2022

Navneet represents the highest benchmark of real estate knowledge/ assessment, professionalism, work ethics and the goes above and beyond to help his clients, which I have seen first hand and can vouch for. Thank you for helping us in finding the right fit and it was great pleasure working with you. I will highly recommend Navneet and his team to everyone. All the best !!

Trang on June 22, 2022

He is very good job . He helps me a lot for buy and sale the house. I will tell my friend and my family let him sell their house in future

Ashmeeta Kaur on May 20, 2022

He is the best you can ask for. I have high words for him. He puts value in what he does. He gives the most honest and best advice in customer's interest. I would highly recommend him and wish him success.

Akanya Siva on April 24, 2022

Nav was very professional and easy to work with. He helped us sell our house in a time efficient manner despite unexpected circumstances that arose in the market. He's an excellent negotiator and met all of our expectations, and was very patient during the entire process. Highly recommend to anyone looking to sell/buy a house.

Lisa Davis on April 21, 2022

Selling a property is always a challenging task, I must applaud Nav and his team as they made this experience pleasurable.....I know its crazy but true. Navneet was an amazing partner in this right from the beginning!!!! He communicated so well, he stayed true to his word and in my opinion went above and beyond with his efforts and his knowledge of the market was exceptional. I highly recommend Navneet to anyone, especially if you are on the fence with who would best represent you and your interests.....there is no one to compare in my experience. Many thanks to Nav and his team once again, only wish I had another house to sell :)

Annie & Shawn D on April 20, 2022

We decided to hire Navneet after reading all the great reviews from his clients and we are so glad that we found him! From the initial contact - we were very impressed with his professionalism, knowledge and transparency. He sold our house in less than a week for way more than what we expected to sell it for and exceeded all of our expectations! Selling/buying property can be very stressful and overwhelming but Navneet was there to guide and support us throughout the whole process and made the experience less daunting. If you’re looking for an elevated buying/selling experience and are interested in working with a professional realtor who has your best interest at heart - call Navneet and his team! My wife contacted Navneet after reading all the raving reviews from his clients. We weren’t sure what to expect but he beyond exceeded our expectations! He sold our house in less than a week for way over the asking price and always kept us in the loop on what was going on. We are very satisfied with the level of service Navneet provided to us and couldn’t imagine working with another agent to sell our home. We highly recommend Navneet for all your real estate needs! You won’t be disappointed.

Akash on April 16, 2022

Sometimes a cold call can lead to wonders! That's what happened to us when we called Navneet randomly one evening. We had reached out to a few Realtors before this call and they had scheduled the initial call with us more than a few days to 1 week later. However, Navneet spent more than an hour on the phone just helping us understand the basics that evening. He took time out of his schedule to show us a few properties the next morning itself. He spent so much time educating us about the current market dynamics and guiding us on every step ahead. Because of his extensive past experience, he knew the correct way to tackle every complex situation which we could see happening in our case as well. He was very informative about the surroundings and helped us close our first property within 2 weeks, in one of the best localities. It was a great experience with Navneet and we couldn't have asked for a better realtor for representing us!

Shruti on April 16, 2022

Navneet helped us buy our first property. He is a very experienced realtor who understood what we were looking for and helped us get the right house in the right locality for a reasonable price even in the current market. Navneet showed us numerous houses everyday very patiently and guided us throughout the entire process and stopped us from making any wrong decisions. As a first time home buyer, we had very little knowledge on how to find the right house. But Navneet was like a mentor to us, helped us understand the true worth of the houses and answered our calls at anytime during the night. I really appreciate the professionalism and work ethic that he brings in the equation. Throughout the closing date, Navneet was handling all the issues and negotiations that arose perfectly. This was hands down a very smooth and happy experience. I would highly recommend having Navneet as your Realtor!

Navjeet Mangat on March 21, 2022

When it comes to buy &sell your home,the one and only name which comes into my mind is none other then NAVNEET SINGH BHASIN. I know how important are these reviews as we got to know about NAVNEET via reviews only. So whatever I am writing it's all from the bottom of my heart. He has been great to work with from start to finish. His knowledge about Real estate,transparency on property quality, relationship with other agents and assistance has been paramount. Without him, we would still be searching for our home. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, I would recommend NAVNEET to anyone buying or selling a home.  Navjeet K Mangat

Gaurav Mahajan on March 21, 2022

Not sure where to began. Just when you feel the all the Real Estate Agents are the same & then you meet Navneet it just changed the whole perception. We approached Nav based on his reviews despite knowing so many realtors among family & freinds and its been the best decision we took. He managed to get us a new house & sell our house in only 10 DAYS. We were worried it might be a very stressful period but he didn't let stress come in our way at all. Not only did he get us an amazing deal but he was very prompt & efficient. Right from the beginning we felt no pressure, no push backs at all. He understood our needs and also educated us and helped us get clarity when we felt confused. His motivation & positive aura was very comforting for us to take the worry away. He has a great team who works not only very hard but also very smart to ensure the whole process goes as smooth as butter. He is well reputed & also has great connections & recommendations. This started with a housing transaction but turned into a great relationship building. We feel so blessed to have gone with our gut feeling of working with Navneet. I would highly recommend Navneet & his team for any of your Real Estate needs, it will be a very enjoyable & exciting experience. Thanks & Goodluck Navneet

Asim Muhammad on January 01, 2022

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Navneet who understood my needs and requirements very well. He is a thorough professional, very organized and knowledgeable, making it real easy and stress free experience in our transaction. Thank you Team Nav for the wonderful experience. We will definitely use your services in the future and highly recommend you to our friends!!"

Harneev Singh Sethi on December 31, 2021

One of the most knowledgeable realtor I've worked with. He has answers to each and every question as he has a lot of experience in buying and selling. Definitely recommend.

Hammad Arif on December 30, 2021

I have worked with Navneet on multiple real estate transactions and he is consistently available, committed and goes the extra mile for every single deal. I would highly recommend him and will definitely work with him again on my next real estate transaction.

Jyoti kumar on December 30, 2021

Team Nav is very professional, knowledgeable, efficient, detail oriented and incredibly personable. . The entire team worked tremendously hard to provide a stress free experience which ended in selling over asking! Extremely grateful for their efforts and professionalism. They make you feel like a priority and go above and beyond to ensure you are comfortable with the process. Highly recommend!

Rakesh V on December 29, 2021

This is now the 4th time that I have had the distinct pleasure of dealing with Team Nav for my real estate needs and I have to say that it has always been an incredible experience working with you, Navneet. I can't say enough about the professionalism, sincerity, honesty, and dedication of Navneet as a real estate agent. I truly appreciate the way you work for your clients. Thank you once again for a successful outcome!! I wish you all the very best!!

Janani Kannan on December 29, 2021

Team Nav is so professional and awesome to work with. If you want to sell your house for well over asking and win insane bidding wars then Navneet is your guy! Navneet is extremely helpful with listing and buying a home for us. He made selling a home easy, simple, stress free. I would highly recommend working with Navneet! Thank you.

sabrina arduini on December 29, 2021

excellent work done and lot of patience by home . got our house in 2 days. thanks Navneet. will definitely recommend to others. We found him through this website and got closing of our new house in a month.

Mohamed Soliman on December 29, 2021

Nav is a great agent .. Always ready to explain and help. He puts a lot of time to ensure successful transaction and make you feel it is his property that he is dealing with...

Kannan Govindasamy Vilvamani on December 28, 2021

Navneet is the person who can understand my requirements and helped our family to find the right home for our budget. I am very glad to find the house which satisfies close to 95% of my requirements that I shared with him. I will recommend Navneet for others and my friends as I learned him through my friend referral. Thank you.

Surender Kumar on December 27, 2021

Words cannot express what an incredible experience we had with Team Nav. Navneet made the process of selling our home stress-free and enjoyable experience! Their responsiveness is second to none. Any questions we had or requests to view properties were answered within seconds, if not minutes. The level of attention they give you truly makes you feel like you’re their only client.We are so happy to have had the opportunity to work with them and would recommend them to anyone for their real estate needs.

Jasdeep Kaur on December 27, 2021

It has been a pleasure working with Navneet. Buying a house in these times is especially difficult with all the uncertainties. However, Navneet did an excellent job with the process. I would highly recommend him ."

Parminder Singh & Jasdeep Kaur on December 27, 2021

Navneet and his team surpassed our expectations! He made the process of buying a home easy and stress-free. We had total confidence in him and would strongly recommend him to our family and friends. It has been a pleasure working with Navneet. Buying a house in these times is especially difficult with all the uncertainties. However, Navneet did an excellent job with the process. I would highly recommend him ."

shilpa chauhan on December 27, 2021

We were given a recommendation for Navneet from a very close friend. As a first-time homebuyers, We were a bit unsure about the entire process, but Navneet made the buying experience easy and smooth. He was very quick to reply to emails, texts, and phone calls and was always prompt to contact with any updates. He is an honest, genuine person who truly has his client's best interests at heart and will go above and beyond to ensure they have a positive experience. We are very happy with our purchase and highly recommend Navneet for his hard work. He is best at his work.

Gurkirat Grover on December 18, 2021

Navneet was an extremely professional realtor. He considered all the aspects that I needed to complete the transaction and helped me in getting my deal done. As a young buyer, there are many things to be careful of and I needed a trusted realtor to guide me to the best home for my current and future needs. Navneet goes above and beyond by being extremely knowledgeable and always willing to address any doubts or problems I’ve had in understanding. I can’t say enough about his help in the process and would recommend him to all my friends and family looking to buy or sell

Mandeep Gulati on December 12, 2021

Navneet and his team surpassed our expectations! He made the process of selling our home easy and stress-free. We had total confidence in him and would strongly recommend him to our family and friends.

Prabh Gulati on December 11, 2021

Navneet is a Real Estate Specialist! He is very professional, proactive and diligent. He helped us sell our house in the shortest time period, at over asking price. He helped us throughout the process of listing and selling our property. He not only met our goals, but exceeded them. Highly recommended his services.

Daoud Hotak on December 07, 2021

Navneet Bhasin was phenomenal when it came to selling our house. He was extremely outgoing and easy to work with and did not diss appoint with the final outcome. I appreciate all his hard work in trying to satisfy my needs and recommend him to anyone who is looking for a real estate broker. You won’t be disappointed. For Navneet, he put customers satisfaction first before looking at his benefits from selling the house. This shows volumes about his character as he did everything he could to fulfill our needs whether it was with photos of the house, open house, clients, etc. He pulled everything off flawlessly with not problems in a matter of a couple days. I would like to congratulate Mr Navneet and his team.

Joanne Villemaire on November 23, 2021

" When you make the decision to purchase or sell think of Team Nav. Navneet is very professional, dedicated and personable from start to finish. We felt very well supported and he is very knowledgeable. Nav and his team's is always willing to work hard to either help find the best home for our family or make the sale of our home as stress free as possible. I will highly recommend Navneet and his Team Nav."

Mike on November 23, 2021

" Navneet is truly a professional! We have been very happy with all the dealings we have had with him. Recently, Navneet helped to sell our house with great ease and simplicity. From advice on how to stage, to providing a detailed marketing plan he touch-based throughout the process and provided clear communication. He really ensures listing reaches potential buyers through many channels and it worked our house sold much faster than expected. We highly recommend Navneet." Sincerely Mike

Gilbert Landriault on October 22, 2021

Nav and his professional team went over and above our expectations. We never anticipated that selling our house would turn out to be a great experience. He is one of the best.

Daniella Landriault on October 22, 2021

Nav went over and above all our expectations. He is surrounded with a great team that brings the highest customer satisfaction. Selling our house was a smooth and great experience.

Ramneet on August 11, 2021

As we were new comers, Navneet guided as very well about GTA housing market. He paid attention to our requirements first and shared listings accordingly. He made us have a long term vision while investing in a property..

Fares Bou Malhab on June 30, 2021

All our gratitude goes to Navneet and his team for selling our house fast, for a very good price. His honesty, professionalism and deep knowledge of the market is outstanding. He is a “real” real estate agent and a fine gentleman. We highly recommend Navneet for his ethnics and hard work. He deserves five big stars for his excellent job.

Param Gagan on June 11, 2021

Excellent! and a very experienced real estate consultant who got a first time US home buyer fantastic deal in this seller's market. We are first time home buyers who moved from the US 2 months back after getting Canada PR. full of excitement since now we are out of the whole H1B loop and can buy a home , yeah!. We have been in touch with Nav for 1 year ever since we started the PR process, simply asking all sorts of questions :) still were not fully prepared with our proper criteria -  list of areas we want to focus, budget etc. Enough about us ! let us also introduce Nav - Very organized, extremely knowledgeable, using technology and facts for every showing, humble person who always had a smile and encouraged us with his statement "no worries we will see more listings until you find what you looking" -  the statement, his enthusiasm, super professional work attitude to go above & beyond did not changed even after he showed us more than 60 houses! ( we kept on tuning, making changes to our criteria after every showing day) - I honestly lost count after 60 ..:) We kept on adding to Nav's list, sometimes not giving him enough heads up on our availability. He managed to handle all those situations super efficiently. I can write so much about the great experience we had with Nav, our transition from just excited buyer to a learned buyer now ( thanks to Nav). Thank you Nav!, this is just the beginning . We will highly recommend Nav as your real estate consultant - yeah he is way more than just a real estate agent.

Deviann Maharaj on June 09, 2021

Navneet is a very patient, outgoing individual. He understands what you are looking for in terms of purchasing and helps you with whatever price range you can afford. In terms of selling, he tries his best to get you what your home is worth and more. My home, in the City of Markham, was very difficult to sell as it was not modern or updated given it was 16 years old, but in the end, we still won. I am very satisfied with the offer and very thankful for all that Navneet has done for us. Thank you Navneet!

Ibrahim Jabbur on June 08, 2021

I am very thankful to Navneet and his team for all their hard work, dedication and support during the process of selling my house. I put my house on sale two and half months ago through some other real estate agent but I was not able to sell it.  Navneet was the the perfect person for the job. He is a thorough professional, very competent and efficient in his work. He came with so much positive energy, he listened and understood my concerns and made a step by step plan to sell my house. He also arranged  a team of professionals including  stager, cleaner, photographer and videographer. I am so happy happy that my house got sold in few days $140,100 over asking price. I couldn't asked for a better team. I give you five stars as you completely deserve it!

Amandeep on June 03, 2021

Navneet is amazing. Personable, charismatic, punctual, and professional. I was really stressed out when we decided to sell our home - thinking of the to-do list (finishing all of those jobs we never got around to finishing up, cleaning, staging, painting), whist juggling work, life, and a kids... it all seemed totally overwhelming. But Navneet made the whole experience a breeze. He's clearly an expert in his field, has confidence with and a firm understanding of the current market, and isn't afraid to be 100% honest with his clients. He always made us feel like family, and that the sale of our home was THE most important thing on his mind. And my house got sold for over asking within a week. We were successful in buying a home we wanted because of Navneet's expertise. Will absolutely be using Navneet for future buying/selling, and would enthusiastically recommend him to friends and family. Thanks .

Randy on May 29, 2021

Navneet is absolutely a top notch realtor. We found Navneet online through his great reviews and he completely justified those reviews. Navneet is very helpful, accommodating and trustworthy. He makes the entire selling experience seamless and enjoyable. He was always positive and uplifting, we immediately felt comfortable working with him. His knowledge about the current market is commendable. I followed his recommendations and it turned out wonderfully. My house got sold within a week of Navneet listing it for significantly more than the asking price. I appreciated all his hard work and highly recommend his services

Sharon on May 29, 2021

We had a wonderful experience working with Navneet. His knowledge about real estate and customer service skills are extraordinary. His professionalism, honesty and hard work are respected and valued.We would like to thank Navneet for all of the work he did in getting our property sold in a short period of time. We are very happy with the services.

Ash & Joanne on April 22, 2021

I have dealt with several real estate agents in the past but Navneet is by far and a million miles the best one I have ever seen/worked with. His knowledge of the market and areas I was looking into buying property are outstanding and when combined with his patient and caring approach make him the best candidate for any type of real estate transaction. Not only is he a great professional but he is also an incredibly kind and honest person who goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure his client's satisfaction. His vast experience and knowhow boosted our confidence that in an unpredictable market like this we had a chance and low and behold he found our dream home in less than two weeks! I recommend Navneet to anyone looking to buy or sell and cannot wait to work with him again in the future. Navneet is an amazing real estate agent and I cannot recommended him enough! He was incredibly helpful to me and my partner as we navigated the first time home buyer process. Within a week he showed us over 20 homes, and we were able to secure our dream home in just one week!

Chandra Kumar on April 22, 2021

If you will be selling your home and will be using an agent then I recommend that you choose Navneet and his team. We got over what we were expecting and the process with Team Nav and Navneet was so easy and they walked us through it all. I then had the absolute pleasure to work with Navneet to help me find my ideal home in my ideal location and under the market price and in my budget. He was such a professional to deal with and his 10+ years experience was on full display all the time and helped navigate the stressful time of buying a home. If you have an opportunity to work with Navneet, know they have a great team behind them and that they only want what is best for you. You will not be disappointed!

Darshna Vithalbhai on January 07, 2021

It has always been a great experience to work with Navneet. He is responsive, professional, knowledgeable and friendly. He worked very hard to help us find what we were looking for and got us a good deal well within the price range we were looking for. He's extremely personable and really helped us to walk smoothly through the process. I would highly recommend Navneet!

Rakesh Vithalbhai on January 07, 2021

Navneet is absolutely outstanding, punctual, knowledgeable, and exceptionally competent in his work. He always kept us informed and explained every step of the way and could answer any questions we have. I would definitely recommend Navneet to anyone looking to buy or sell!

Sameer Bhagirathi on January 07, 2021

Very professional and helpful. Ready to pick phone any time, no attitude at all. Very nice and honest. Also help me providing contact info of other vendors to fix property

Jagadish Eswaramoorthi on January 07, 2021

We are so happy we found Navneet. Our house got sold the firm in 4 days over the asking price. Navneet had a whole team working together with each of their strengths to sell our house quickly and for top dollar. Navneet was strong and steady in his negotiations. He was honest and direct with his advice while being understanding of our concerns. We would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Linden Parris on January 07, 2021

Excellent and professional service from Nav. He was able to negotiate the sale of our home in 3 days and dealt with everything possible to get us 98% of our asking price and the highest sale price on our street. Thank You, Nav!

Sunil Kumar Dhupar on January 07, 2021

We were referred to Navneet by our close friend. Navneet did an excellent job from start to close. Navneet contacts and working relationships with others in related fields made the process both efficient and pleasant (regarding minor touch-ups to the property, pictures, video tours etc. He did a lot of work on the marketing of our house and presented thorough data to set realistic expectations about the potential for our house sale. As a result, we had showings immediately upon listing and within 4 days, we had multiple offers and we accepted an offer at both a price that we were thrilled $56000 over the asking price and a possession date that matched our "target date".I would definitely have Navneet for any future house sales/purchases in the future. Awesome experience throughout!

Upneet Singh on August 31, 2020

Navneet helped me bought my first house in Canada. Knowing nothing about the buying process. He helped me a lot from finding a property to closing it. He is a one-stop-shop if you are looking to buy a house. Before meeting Navneet, I have met many realtors. What I learned about him is that. He is not just the best realtor but also a very nice and a genuine human being, who you can trust. He will go above and beyond to cater to your needs. I can't praise him enough. He is the best of the best. I want to say thank you for making everything easy and smooth for me. Looking forward to working with you in the future!

Bala Murugan on August 23, 2020

We are happy to work with Navneet from Day one. As his introduction reads, He will offer honest evaluation on buying & selling. He was very patient enough to answer all questions and his strategies. Home buying/selling is always stressful factor and Navneet made sure we are in right hands. His professionalism and calm demeanor helped us so much in completing buying and selling as expected. He also makes sure that relationship stays strong even after deal And not the least, he has very good team & contacts who complete their activities on time. So, We would highly recommend Navneet to have very pleasant & honest experience in buying/selling process.

Lila Hunt on August 23, 2020

Navneet is the realtor you want on your side of the deal. He is a strong negotiator and knows how to get the best deal for his clients. He pays attention to detail from the time you walk into a showing through to the home inspection. He represented us well through the process and got us our dream home for considerably less than asking. Thank you Navneet, we look forward to many years and happy memories in our new home!

Mugundhan Krishnaswamy on July 16, 2020

We started looking for real estate agents for selling and buying home, interviewed 3 realtors and decided to go with Navneet for his professionalism, patience, honesty and transparency even though other realtors were able to provide me cash back. He is very knowledgeable in the real-estate market and did good research on all market statistics to sell our house. His team did a fantastic job (cleaning, staging, photography) to bring our house to the market the next day. His online and offline marketing skills bring in a lot of showings and our house sold in 3 days with multiple offers. On the buying side, after we started looking at 2 or 3 houses he understood our needs. He secured our dream home with his negotiation skills in the multiple offers situation and within 10 days of home search we bought our home. He is transparent, very patient to listen to our questions and concerns both in the selling and buying process. We are very thankful to Navneet and happy to recommend him to anyone looking for a real estate agent in the market. I am looking forward to working with him in future.

Raj Gosyne on June 20, 2020

Mr. Bhasin is an amazing realtor because he genuinely cares about his clients. He has a lot of patience and is able to find your dream home. He considers all of your needs and wants, and tries his best to find listings with ones criteria. I highly recommend him professionally, he is also a really nice and humble person who makes sure that you are taken care of. Do not hesitate to contact him and his team!"

Jyoti Kumar on June 19, 2020

"Navneet Bhasin and his team sold our house in a very fast way. He is a very honest, responsive and knowledgeable agent and guides the client in a professional manner. He promised to sell our house in a reasonable time and he delivered! I would highly recommend Navneet and his team for any of the dealings In real estate be it buying or selling. Thank you, Navneet Bhasin and his team."

Surender kumar on June 19, 2020

I have sold 2 properties with Navneet and each time he has performed beyond my expectations and both properties sold over asking price. I had worked with other realtors in the past but Navneet is the one who actually delivers the results. He is a thorough professional, very competent and efficient in his work and always available. He has commendable negotiating skills. He has a very committed marketing team. I strongly recommend his services to buyers and sellers."

Hammad Arif on June 08, 2020

Navneet was an absolute pleasure to work with. He made what could have been a highly stressful situation, a smooth and easy one. From the first meeting, he was very professional and knowledgeable and always communicating. He explained the market and strategies with ease. Navneet had a whole team working together with each of their strengths to sell our house quickly and for top dollar. And they did just that... the house was sold firm in 3 days on the market for a way over asking price. Navneet was strong and steady in his negotiations. He was honest and direct with his advice while being understanding of our concerns. We are so happy we found Navneet. We couldn’t have dreamed of a better outcome. We would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Sunita Gosyne on June 04, 2020

Navneet has been an excellent real estate in every situation that has been thrown his way. He understands and accommodates in every time. He is caring and dedicated throughout every part of his job. He takes time to find property that is perfect for you and does not rest until you are happy. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a real estate agent to contact Navneet right away! All my future real estate dealing will definitely be with him!

Sanam Narula on May 21, 2020

As first time buyers, Navneet was really helpful in our home search. He was always accessible and went out of his way to make sure all of our questions were answered thoroughly. He was always honest and never made us feel pressured. We couldn't have asked for a more knowledgeable agent!

Hammad Arif on May 16, 2020

Navneet was an absolute pleasure to work with. He made what could have been a highly stressful situation, a smooth and easy one. From the first meeting, he was very professional and knowledgeable and always communicating. He explained the market and strategies with ease. Navneet had a whole team working together with each of their strengths to sell our house quickly and for top dollar. And they did just that... the house was sold firm in 3 days on the market for a way over asking price. Navneet was strong and steady in his negotiations. He was honest and direct with his advice while being understanding of our concerns. We are so happy we found Navneet. We couldn’t have dreamed of a better outcome. We would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Nuzhat Aurang on April 03, 2020

It was our first time selling the house and it was so stressful! However, I believe that without Navneet and his team we won't be able to make it! From the first phase of preparing the house for the market to the closing, Navneet was always in touch, guiding us and answering all our questions. We felt he is always on our side and doing his best to sell our house quickly for the best price. Thank you, Navneet!

Aurangzeb on April 02, 2020

Mr. Navneet Singh Bhasin has an outstanding Real property market knowledge. He knows his work very well. I value his services in selling of my Townhouse at much higher than asking price and at the same time finalized excellent buying deal.

Syed Saad Hussain on March 07, 2020

Our experience with Navneet as our real estate agent was nothing but outstanding. Navneet was very professional with listing our house in the market and was able to secure multiple offers on the property within a matter of a few hours. He was able to sell our house at the highest price on the street and $80k over asking. Navneet was very transparent with his processing of the deal and also showed immense patience by showing us as many properties we wanted until we found the property that fulfilled all our requirements. I would recommend Navneet to anyone who is looking to buy/sell their property in the GTA and wants a hassle-free experience every step of the way.

Fazila on January 13, 2020

Navneet helped me to buy my first house and I am delighted with my purchase. He made what could have been fretful experience into one that I really enjoyed. His exemplary knowledge and experience in the GTA market, coupled with his ability to communicate those things in a way that I could understand, make me confident and happy with the purchase of my new home. He was patient with my questions, and I felt he was always looking out for my best interests. I would definitely use Navneet for any future requirements and highly recommend him!!

Ishwinder Singh on January 02, 2020

Having Navneet Bhasin as our agent was amazing! He was always professional, upbeat, knowledgeable and provided us with the perfect first time home buying experience in Canada. He was always patient with our requirements and never rushed us through any of our buying decisions. We had absolute trust in his abilities to ensure we had everything taken care of with our purchase. His negotiation skills are unmatchable and saved us lots of dollars. Would absolutely recommend Navneet as a realtor to others

Shama Bagga on December 31, 2019

As first-time buyers, we were not aware of the purchasing process, or the GTA market as we moved from the USA. Navneet made it easy for us from the very first steps. He was always accessible and went out of his way to make sure all of our questions were answered thoroughly. He was always honest and never made us feel pressured. We couldn't have asked for a more knowledgeable agent! He knows the city and the market extremely well. We are very pleased with our purchase. We would recommend Navneet to anyone looking for an agent, not only for his professionalism and thorough knowledge of the neighbourhood in this area but because he is willing to go the extra mile for his clients.

Amandeep Uppal on December 19, 2019

Navneet was incredibly professional during my home buying process. His level of service and commitment was very impressive. He was always accommodating with my schedule so that I could view the homes that I wanted to see and always had knowledgeable input on the state of the homes. When it came time to write the offer on my home he was so patient in walking me through and explaining the process and his negotiation skills are great....getting me a substantial amount off of my purchase price! I would definitely recommend Navneet!

Amit Kaul on December 18, 2019

It was a pleasure working together with Navneet to find out home in Mississauga. Navneet is one of the most professional real estate consultant/agent one will get to work with. Navneet was not only patient with us until we found our dream home but was also honest with his suggestions throughout. He was always punctual for all the scheduled appointments and always had the homework done for the visit. His hard work backed up by his experience would always be beneficial for anyone looking to buy a real estate property. Navneet was also able to provide apt guidance for legal and inspection services. A one-stop-shop for all your real Estate needs! I would happily recommend Navneet's services!

Darya Sachenko on December 16, 2019

We leased our house through Navneet. The thing that stood out for me and my husband was that even for our first meeting, he came well-prepared. He knew about our area and showed us listings of houses in our neighbourhood to give us an idea of the prevailing rent rates. Since this was our first time leasing a property, we knew little about the whole process. We found Navneet ready with answers to all our questions & concerns and his guidance in selecting tenants invaluable! He was thoroughly professional and friendly throughout the process. We are extremely thankful to him and highly recommend him.

Harinder Singh on December 16, 2019

I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent professional service provided by Navneet. He helped me navigate a number of neighbourhoods before narrowing down the search area and ultimately finding my new home. With Navneet's guidance, we found our perfect home in just a few weeks. Navneet helped us work within our budget and did an excellent job negotiating our purchase. We thank him for his experience, patience and expertise. I am more than happy to refer Navneet to anyone looking for real estate services!

Amanda on September 03, 2019

I really enjoyed working with Navneet. I trusted him to do what was best for the sale of my home. He brought knowledge and experience of the neighbourhood and market, backed up with impressive proof. I really appreciated how he took the time to walk me through my options, and explained all the nuances to each one. I felt very confident in him throughout the entire sale process.

Ravi Singh on July 04, 2019

I have had the honour of having Navneet as my real estate agent on numerous occasions and he has continued to go above and beyond and exceeded all expectations I have ever had. He is very patient and diligent and did whatever in his power to meet my needs. He is such a treat to work with making all duties on my end effortless and painless. Great person and by far the best realtor I have worked with.

Parineeta Sethi on July 04, 2019

As a first, time home buyer with little prior knowledge about the housing market, Navneet made me feel confident when I finally took that big step of buying a home. He was incredibly knowledgeable and took the time to answer all of my questions and offer information when I didn't even know what questions I should be asking. He continues to follow up even a few years after I bought my home to answer any questions I have. Navneet is friendly and professional, and I highly recommend working with him."

Raj Desa on June 06, 2019

Navneet has been an excellent realtor for all transactions we have made with him, may it be buying or selling. He was thorough, knowledgeable, reliable and went above and beyond our expectations when selling our house, and also he bought us a house below asking price, isn't that amazing. He marketed our property in a way that we would never have thought to ourselves and we sold our house over asking in a week. He helped us negotiate a great deal on the purchase of our house in a short timeline truly puts his heart and soul into his work and wants what is best for his clients. We benefited from his experience and he made sure that we were not only comfortable but had peace of mind through the whole process. We always had such an excellent experience, may it be our first home or the recent dealing. If you really want a good deal, having Navneet by your side will be a tremendous asset to you and he has our highest regards and recommendations. We highly recommend him and will always consider him for our upcoming transactions as well.

Rajinder Arora on June 03, 2019

We used the services of Navneet Bhasin on two occasions. On the buying side, he was very knowledgeable about assessing the quality of the homes we were considering, what the real value of the home would be and what homes we would be successful bidding at within our budget. We had looked at several homes, but he was great at guiding us to make sure we didn't go through a series of unsuccessful bids and feel disheartened. For the home we purchased, Navneet had a good sense of what offer would ensure our success and helped us get the home that we loved. On the selling side, he had an effective and unique marketing strategy and he helped us to present our property so that it attracted the most showings, resulting in multiple offers and with his great negotiation skills we sold our property $81,000 over asking which was the highest price on the street.

Mohamed Thameemul Ansari Nazeer Mohamed on June 03, 2019

Navneet has a genuine interest to find the right house per your needs. Very informative and cooperative. Showed us many houses to help us know what kind of houses we like and can afford. I will gladly recommend Navneet to anyone looking to buy a house. You won't go wrong.

Dheeraj Kohli on May 25, 2019

I would highly recommend Navneet to anyone that is buying or selling a property. He was patient throughout the entire process of searching for the right property. His knowledge of the market, neighborhoods and industry players is exemplary. He is a skilled negotiator which served me well with both the buying and selling of my properties. His knowledge of the local real estate market is impressive. He is reliable, approachable and always available for his clients. During the selling time, his professionalism was outstanding and his negotiations skills helped us greatly. His suggestions for improvements and staging turned out to be very profitable and drove up the number of people visiting our property. During the buying period, Navneet was always available for a house visit and gave us insightful information about the property we were visiting, beyond what was written on paper. We were able to get his honest opinion on properties and this made us feel comfortable in our decisions. I would highly recommend Navneet to anyone who's looking for a smart and professional agent and would absolutely use his services again."

Jennifer Gwilliam on May 24, 2019

I would absolutely recommend Navneet to friends and family looking for a realtor in the Mississauga area. He was very responsive to emails and texts days, evenings and weekends. He was patient with indecision and the many questions I had regarding the process. He was great with our exuberant kids who followed us to showings and inspection. He thought of everything and anticipated the next steps being very prepared and proactive in all things. A very professional realtor and a pleasure to work with.

Farhana Hoque on May 21, 2019

I have bought and sold two properties with Navneet and it has been an incredible experience every time. This realtor has the best skills in what he is doing. He has a strategy for selling homes and he knows the best practices. And he has a great and professional team to support him. He uses the latest technology in informing his clients about the showings, always attentive, and answer all the questions that we have. His most important feature, in my opinion, is that he guides his clients through the whole process and always goes beyond expectations in helping us feel confident about every step is taken. When purchasing a new home, Navneet was able to show us the benefits and liabilities of all the properties we looked at. When we finally purchased our dream home, Navneet surpassed our expectations by negotiating $105000 of the purchase price. We highly recommend Navneet who is buying or selling a property

Ziaul Huda on May 21, 2019

Navneet had recently sold a home for our parents, we hired him by the end of our first conversation with him. Navneet has top-notch communication skills, is highly organized and efficient, and was very keen to tackle the listing. It was a slightly challenging project to sell a home and needed to take into consideration the needs of an elderly person living in the house, but Navneet was never deterred. In the end, even in one of the slowest market periods of the year, Navneet managed to sell our home for more than what we had determined was the appropriate price, in exactly the time frame we had hoped for. We honestly could not have asked for anything more. We have already recommended him to our friends and they also have experienced great results. Our family highly recommends Navneet and will use his services again in future.

Shamim on May 12, 2019

Navneet is very professional and knowledgeable realtor. We sold and bought with him. We can't believe how quickly its was sold and he helped us to stay within our budget and preferred location. Our experience was great with him. We highly recommend him!!

Suzanne Pootz on May 09, 2019

Navneet Singh Bahsin performed beyond our expectations ! We selected Navneet for his image of a man of honour and Proffesionalism. He responded right from the start in a timely manner, started the process of selling the house an with in a week had it sold just on first showing ! He communicated exceptionally well,an had everything set for showing in a respectable an courteous manner. He made process very easy, he took care of everything with out standing results!! I would highly recommend his services as his reputation proceeds him, and we will use his services in all my future realestate dealings with great thanks Suzanne Pootz.

Prabh Gulati on May 04, 2019

Working with Mr. Navneet Singh was an absolute pleasure! Navneet seemed to very well understand the specifications and our expectations from the property we seek to buy. He guided us properly right from the beginning when we thought about buying a house right until the closing. The listings he shared with us were very close to the expectation and we did not have to toil searching. Just a few visits and we found out our Perfect Home. And on top - his great negotiation skills saved us an unbelievable amount of $130,000 on our deal! We believe that buying a property is not only a huge investment, but is an emotional decision for the buyers. One needs the right agent to understand those emotions and help the family in making the right decision. In Navneet, we could always feel the warmth of working with a family member. The professionalism, hospitality and demeanor displayed by him is worth an applause. The advice shared by him was clear, crisp and to the point. There is no one better than Navneet we could suggest someone for their real estate needs. Thank you once again for all your efforts Navneet, you're the best real estate agent we've ever met. Gulati Family

Ravneet Kaur on April 25, 2019

Working with Navneet exceeded any of my expectations. As a first time homebuyer, I was not familiar with the terminology or the best process people to involve. Right away Navneet was incredibly friendly and took time to sit down with us to determine what would be a good fit for us. He even recommended a mortgage agent in the area, which we ended up using and greatly appreciated. Navneet was willing to meet us late in the evening to view houses and put an offer on a property within a couple days of our first meeting. He was very helpful in explaining the entire process and really relieved my stress level even though we were on a very tight timeframe. I truly believe his expertise helped tremendously in our offer getting accepted. I highly recommend Navneet!

Nausheen Syed on April 24, 2019

Navneet is very punctual and extremely knowledgeable about prospective properties. He has excellent communication skills and he always keeps his clients in the loop on what’s happening. He will not push you to buy something instead he will always help you make a decision and give his opinions and views on how he sees things. He tries to meet our expectations and most times went above and beyond. He ends up finding the perfect location and home for us. Our home buying experience is exceptional. We enjoyed working with him and we wish him more success. Navneet is not only a wonderful agent but also an honest, down to earth person. We are exceptionally happy with the experience that Navneet provided us and never hesitate to recommend him to our family and friends.

Ravi Nair on April 23, 2019

Navneet is a true professional and a shining example of what a real estate agent should be - an honest individual with integrity, working in your best interest. My experience with Navneet affirmed that great agents do exist and the ease, knowledge, and experience that he provide is highly valuable. I consider Navneet an expert; he is down-to-earth, well informed, hard working, and has excellent communication and negotiation skills. You couldn't ask for a better agent. Navneet had worked with me on 4 transactions so far in the past couple of years. He helped me with the purchase and lease of my multiple properties. In my recent purchase, he once again demonstrated his professionalism and industry expertise, attaining a fair market and acceptable price. I know without a doubt, that he will secure the best price, while offering the best service. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell.

Ambreen Jamil on April 15, 2019

Navneet is clearly aware of the enormity of buying and selling a home. He was patient with us and took the time to educate us about the ins and outs of the buying and selling processes. Navneet made sure we had a good plan in place to get the results that we wanted. Navneet was very easy to talk to and was always available if we needed to speak with him. He always had time for us.He is friendly, attentive and committed to making the real estate experience a positive journey for his clients. We would highly recommend him.

Ranjith K on April 08, 2019

Navneet was very attentive and really understood the requirements I was looking for in a house. He was very accessible throughout the entire process, I could contact him day or night with any questions or concerns that I had. Booking of viewings were scheduled very quickly and efficiently. Many occasions Navneet was able to schedule viewings the same day the listing came out which I found was a very important factor in the quick GTA market. I would recommend any friends or family looking to purchase a property to use Navneet as their representation.

Aurangzeb on April 05, 2019

It was a pleasure working with Navneet. He showed himself to be professional and knowledgeable. No time was wasted, and everything was properly completed with consideration and respect. He helped me a lot in the selection of affordable housing. His experience really showed as he was familiar with professionals like real estate lawyers, home inspectors, mortgage brokers and the market in general. He was able to help us complete our transaction easily and quickly and with genuine caring. He showed himself to be ethical and of high standards. I would highly recommend him to anyone. I believe Navneet's rich experience and skill in real estate to be invaluable, and his personality an appreciated asset to his provided service.

Harprit Sharma on April 03, 2019

Navneet is kind, thoughtful, resourceful, knowledgeable and always punctual. We couldn't have asked for a better agent. He actually made looking for a house, a real pleasure, reducing our stress with his upfront and realistic approach. Navneet’s knowledge of the real estate market in the area is in depth. He's a hardworking and thorough agent who explained to us the process step-by-step. I would absolutely recommend Navneet to anyone wishing to buy or to sell a property.

Manoj Sharma on April 02, 2019

An agent whom you can trust and a friend after that. He will guide all the way, especially if you’re a first time buyer. It was a pleasure working with Navneet as he had the pulse on the neighborhood and the marketplace. Navneet is very knowledgeable about the market and the process. We always felt that he was looking out for our best interest.His professionalism, negotiation skills and his personal attention exceeded our expectations. He made sure we were informed and confident in the decisions we made. It was so great to work with Navneet and we would recommend him to anyone looking to navigate the stressful process of buying and selling.."

Sakthi N on April 01, 2019

Navneet helped our family to buy the first home in Canada. Navneet patiently showed ~ 20 + houses and was ensuring we were closing something that we were interested in rather than hurrying up due to rising market prices. He was always on time, exhibited professionalism and answered all of the questions we had, with an exception of a couple of them. Have already referred him to a couple of friends who have been satisfied with the service.

Edit Baranyi on March 29, 2019

Dear Nav! It is a pleasure to write this letter to thank you for all your hard work in selling our house .Thanks in your case, certainly is not enough! We hope this letter explains our belief that you are an exemplary Realtor! I In June 2016 we suffer a great unexpected loss and found ourselves trying to deal with the emotions of that loss and trying to sell our home! From the time of our meeting you were honest and direct. You explained to how the process would unfold so we wouldn't be surprised, and you recommended things that we could do to help with sale! When it comes to setting an asking price and later when we adjusted that price, you always listened to our thoughts. To your credit we were never blindsided or in the dark at any time. You were proactive and kept us looking ahead of the present. Your numerous tours of the house were comprehensive and beneficial in making a difficult sale happen. By this time we had grown accustomed to your sense of humor, high energy level, and great work ethic, and now you amazed us with your flexibility, creativity, and persistence in making the sale! Through it all you were a Realtor who was clearly a partner and a friend. For all of these reasons this is why we can unconditionally recommend you to our friend and acquaintances. It is without hesitation we would seek you with my future real estate needs.

Sridhar on March 27, 2019

You are my A+++ rated realtor a fantastic negotiator, one of the best I have seen, saved me thousands. As I understand first time home buying is a different experience, especially for me and my family who never have been to Brampton for all our 6 yrs. of stay in Toronto, buying a home in Brampton was an unimaginable and Himalayan task. Yet we decided to step into Brampton considering our budget and location preference. We were lucky to find a realtor in you who is not only knowledgeable and comfortable to work with but also a very good negotiator who can be trusted as one of my own. You made our task easy, your knowledge and help throughout was fantastic. I cannot express all my gratitude for your good work with one word "Thanks", Me and my family will always be thankful to you for helping us buy our first home. You are such a nice person to work with, your knowledge and assistance during this entire home buying process was commendable and I recommend you with A++++ rating to any of my friends and relatives looking to buy a home. You were referred by my friend, also you were from Brampton, so I just wanted to try to see some listings with you. But as soon as you booked me all my 10 requested appointments on first day afternoon, I just decided you will be my man. Also the knowledge your hard work and dedication to what you do for living is an inspiration. Every one works to make money, I understand it’s not just money making for you; you expect a satisfaction from your clients. You made me feel comfortable on my home purchase. You are a fantastic negotiator, one of the best I have seen, saved me thousands. No doubts you will be one loved by most of the home buyers. You did your job and went beyond to make this deal happen. I'm in this house only because of you, in simple words, if it was not you this is not my home for sure. Even after signing the agreement, you gave me enough details to give a comfort feeling about my buy, that one of the stand out and striking contributions. You services were not the best....But it was beyond the best of best!!! In one word you gave us ultimate best home buying experience.

Nitin on March 25, 2019

I want to extend a formal acknowledgement of appreciation for the excellent support and service that you provided throughout the process of buying my home in Brampton. You demonstrate professionalism, honesty and integrity that are truly "above and beyond", rendering you truly superior in your field. Your expertise and consistent positive outlook certainly helped me navigate the complicated process of moving in a new house. You definitely minimized the angst associated with buying real estate. You were instrumental in every aspect of the buy in agreement. I really appreciate how you held my hand through the process. You were always resourceful and full of vision and knowledge.Buying or selling a house can be an extremely traumatic ordeal, but you have thoroughly defused my experience and provided an entirely positive and very smooth transition!I relied on your skills to map out an appropriate strategy, manage the strategy, and most importantly, complete the strategy. You steered a masterful course as evidenced by the fact that you showed me the properties which were of my taste and interest only. Your knowledge of the neighborhoods, home construction and attention to my other needs (inspectors, insurance providers and mortgage companies), was so valuable and helped guide me in making the right decisions.You have been very fair and reasonable throughout and your congenial and calm personality has made every "situation" easy. You were quick to return calls and never out of reach. Your patience is remarkable. You were always on time-- if not early-- for appointments and you have followed through on every detail, including the smallest! Also, thanks for getting the Lawyers to assist with the closing fee and for taking extra pain and putting in your hard efforts by involving in an unrealistic negotiation by making the seller to drop his asking price ($5,58,000) to my budget figures ($5,30,000) which turned up as a blessing for me since I was very much interested in catching hold of this particular house to make it my shelter since it gave me a WOW affect at my very first visit, but my concern was the price tag which you overcame for me and made a dream come true. You surely must realize the extent of your efforts. I just didn’t want you to think it passed by me unnoticed. For all this and more I am truly grateful and want to say "Thank You!"Thanks again for your dedicated help and for your friendship. May God's gifts of love and prosperity continue to fall upon you and your family!Congrats on a job well done!

Adusei Juliana and Abigail Adu on March 24, 2019

Hello Navneet, I hope all is well, i know i was suppose to write this a long time ago and i apologize for the delay, nevertheless you deserve this and more, I thank you for everything and May God continue to bless you ! If you’re thinking about listing your home and you’re not sure which agent to list with, may I suggest that you list with Navneet Singh. While it might not seem that the listing agent matters, let me tell you – it does. Not all situations are alike. However my situation was quite difficult. However I had the best real estate agent on hand to get me through my situation. Navneet was patient, kind, and caring in all aspects of this sale. He had sold our home in a week on being on the market and we bought our home the next day. There was so much complications at hand because of our situation but Navneet handle it all graciously. I am more than happy to refer Navneet to anyone looking for a real estate agent. I know and can guarantee you that he would meet and exceed your expectations. I thank God for meeting Navneet and I look forward to be working with him in the future.

Sachin on March 22, 2019

Navneet helped us buy our first house. Navneet understands the need from a buyers perspective and was always willing to work extra hard to find us the house that we wanted. We now know that he also makes a lot of effort to keep himself updated about the housing market, economy, rules and policies which helps a new buyer who wouldnt have any way to find all these details. One very simple thing that a lot of agents miss and Navneet brings is efficiency, he is extremely good at returning phone calls, messages and getting the answer to any question within a very short period of time. We closed our house with him a few months ago but we still call him every now and then for small queries and he is still as responsive as he was. We highly recommend Navneet.

Shalini Chowdhary on March 05, 2019

Hi, Me & my husband are very thankful to you & very pleased with the service you have provided us in making our dream home come true.We appreciate your patience which is very important in this business,& you took all the efforts, whenever you were called upon to show us homes in a very short time frame.And once again Big Big Thank you for providing us the great knowledge & service. It was a great experience working with you.All the best!

Mariana W. on February 26, 2019

I interviewed three agents before deciding to list my home with Navneet. He stood out for me because he didn’t present a generic marketing plan, instead he spoke specifically about a plan to sell my house. He was absolutely knowledgeable about the neighbourhood and the properties in the area. Nav put together a step-by-step plan which he emailed me immediately and within three days of signing a listing agreement with him, he held an open house. I was impressed with the dedication he committed to my listing, and the marketing materials he had created were second to none. Even the stager he sent was talented and thorough. She definitely knew her business and added a tremendous amount of value to the process. Nav has created a team of dedicated professionals and the proof is in the quick sale of my house at over 99% of the asking price. I would highly recommend Nav to anyone selling or buying a home. He is not only successful, he is an absolute pleasure to work with

Amjad Judge on February 25, 2019

I can’t tell you how glad I am that we hired Navneet for buying our investment property. He is extremely knowledgeable about the buying process and all the details associated with inspection and find professionals that go along with the process, like lawyers and insurance brokers. He acted promptly to line up homes to show me and offered a lot of valuable information about home ownership in general. Also, he called in order to narrow our search, which made the process so efficient. Navneet relationships with other vendors for insurance, inspections etc. are phenomenal and really helped simplify an otherwise daunting experience. Navneet makes me feel like I am his only client and has the answer to all of my questions. If you want the best, look no further than Navneet!

Parmbir Singh on February 23, 2019

Navneet had been referred to me by friend and I immediately felt a sense of comfort just after my first meeting with Navneet. He is extremely knowledgeable about the GTA market and was able to determine which properties would be ‘the right fit’ for me. Navneet was able to ease my mind by leading me step by step through the process and explaining things in terms I could understand with such professionalism, respect and enthusiasm. He even helped me with other resources and provided us with a list of trustworthy professional references for things like home inspection, lawyers and mortgage broker! He was a pleasure to work with and readily assisted me throughout the process of purchasing my investment property. I would definitely recommend the real estate services of Navneet to friends and colleagues.

Vitor and Jerarmyn Martins on February 23, 2019

Naveet has demonstrated us (first home buyers) that he is a very professional, dedicated and passionate real-estate agent who loves his job. As a newlyweds first time home buyers we had many questions and thought that getting a house was probably going to be out of question for us, because of the high prices and bet competitions in the market. We were so glad to have found Naveet in our way, he has help us extraordinarily, he was extremely patient, humble and kind. He spend a lot of his time with us to find the perfect house that we wanted. I remember he told my husband and I the first time we met “Don’t worry my friends you will get the house you want, trust me” and so it happened! He used all his knowledge and skills to help us get our first home in a moderate price that newlyweds will be happy as well as the seller. We thank Naveet so much for all his effort on getting us the house we desired and we definitely recommend his service to newlyweds, new families and any other person looking for the house of their dreams! He is very honest with all properties you will see with him, and he will straight up tell you his opinion and what’s best for you or not. Navneet also helped us in finding good home inspector and a Mortgage broker. We strongly recommend Naveet, you will be happy with any procedure you decide to do with his help!

Harpreet Gill on February 22, 2019

Navneet is an amazing agent. He works so hard to get the job done. He goes above and beyond! I cannot say enough about his professionalism, his courteousness, his responsiveness, and his capabilities. He made, what could have been a very difficult situation, extremely easy and expedited the process.

Sathish Kumar on February 20, 2019

Having Navneet as a realtor made a big difference for me. He is really knowledgeable about the investment he offers and always kept us informed with the legals & ongoing activity in regards to the house purchase. No surprises at the last minute. Also as a personal touch, when my mortgage is delayed by a day from the day of closing he stood by my side offering my family a hotel room and took care of all the issues really like a brother. This trust which is developed during the crisis really moved me and I would never think about other realtors for future deals. His personal ethics and professional skills are outstanding, a true gentlemen. I always think about two things, whether to trust the party and are we making the right investment. Having Navneet by my side now I have only one thing to worry I.e are we making the right investment, he is always a man WHOM WE CAN TRUST.

Sanjay Gosyne on February 18, 2019

Navneet is a true professional. He goes above and beyond his duties to ensure that his clients are satisfied. He was very patient and had a positive attitude throughout the process. He is very knowledgeable in Real Estate. More than anything , he is a kind, honest and honorable human being. I would certainly recommend Navneet to anyone looking to buy or sell or just get advice. I wish him all the success in the world.

Reena Kohli on February 17, 2019

Navneet's professionalism coupled with his personal attention and care for each of his clients sets the bar as high as it gets for a real estate agent or any sales professional out there. He always accommodate our schedules to ensure we could see what was out there- extremely knowledgeable; offered honest and trustworthy advice, and showed genuine care and interest in our search/needs. He is so gracious and patient, really encouraged us not to give up and that something would surface that would be just right for us! His dedication to our specific needs amazes me each and every time.He never rushes you and he is the first to point out any concerns he might have with a prospective property. I would recommend Navneet to anyone looking to buy or sell a property.

Divjot Singh on February 15, 2019

Navneet is an excellent realtor as well as a considerate person. He has a thorough knowledge of his profession and very passionate about his work. He will understand your needs and will walk you through the process. He knows the market trends and has remarkable negotiation skills. We had a positive experience with Navneet. He is knowledgeable, caring and one thing which you will not find in many realtors is he has patience and will never push you to any deal. First time home buyers: You need him!!

Rey Encila on February 14, 2019

Navneet is a very dedicated, hard-working agent. His professionalism and warmth made the process of finding a suitable home a lot less stressful than it could have been. He was both attentive and conscientious to my needs in searching for the perfect home for me. He's never pushy to "just get the sale done". He is super responsive, easy to schedule with, is extremely knowledgeable about the markets, knew what to look for when buying a home. His negotiations skills helped me to get the right price for the house I wanted within my budget and also made sure that the all the things that were listed by the home inspector were actually rectified before closing. He made all the paperwork a breeze, helped me find a mortgage broker and home inspector-- I can't imagine how hard it would be without his help. I would be more than happy to have him as my realtor in any of my future property investments and would recommend him to anyone else who is in need of a good realtor.

Usha Gupta on February 12, 2019

My husband and I have been looking for a house for quite some time. Navneet singh was more than amazing. Navneet is one of the most patient, kind and understanding realestate agent we have ever encountered! He showed us dozens of homes and was always eager to accommodate our busy schedules. Ultimately Navneet found us our perfect dream home! Navneet is very knowledgeable, full of great ideas, and an expert in his field!!! . If you looking for the absolutely perfect realtor Navneet Singh would be the great and smart choice

Aman Jamwal on February 09, 2019

Navneet knows what a customer is looking at. He was able to find me the desired house within in a week which has saved me a lot of time. I remember it was the 4th property we were looking at and I was like I want to call this as my home. He did a commendable job in negotiating the price to come in my budget. Thank you, Navneet.

Gaurav tripathi on February 08, 2019

Navneet was a pleasure to have as my real estate agent. This was not my first buying of a home but was the first time I really felt the agent knew his business. He came to initial meeting with very helpful information and explained process in a way that definitely showed his expertise in real estate. Super responsive as if you are his only client! Very friendly and professional. He never left any questions unanswered and always responded promptly. I would highly recommend him over any conventional real estate agent as you will save thousands as well as receive the best service any agent can provide. I was incredibly impressed with Navneet's goal oriented action. He offered excellent advice, answered every question and helped me make informed decisions. He is extremely honest with his clients. He was always available to answer our questions and offer valuable advice that saved us money! Navneet always had a smile and was so quick to respond and get the job done. He deserves the highest praise. I am already referring Navneet to all my friends. He is the greatest! Navneet knows the market, is an excellent negotiator for your side and has a good idea of any obstacles which may lie ahead. He is focused, driven and so approachable. Whether you are buying or selling a home we highly recommend Navneet. Buying a house is very stressful and having a good caring diligent agent is key. Not everyone gets that experience. Navneet, I can't thank you enough for all the hard work, dedication and the time you spent in buying house, so quickly. You made it very easy for us, you did all the work for us, and we very much appreciate it. You are an expert in your field and we were lucky to have you as a Realtor. I liked your professional work, immediate responses and knowledge of the local real estate. Five cheers to you!"

Harvey Wiseman on February 08, 2019

Working with Navneet made our search for a property less stressful because he was very knowledgeable and knew his way around the real estate circuit . His ability to find properties that would be of interest to us and always in the budget range that worked for us. He was always prompt in replying to our questions or concerns and always had the answers we needed . He was friendly , caring , kind and professional he was never too busy , even if he was , to always be available when we called . Never pushy and always listened to our needs . If you want less stress in your property search you won't be disappointed if you choose Navneet he is a person who wants to make sure the property you choose to be the right choice for you . It makes him happy to know that you are happy with the decision you've made .

Harneev Sethi on February 07, 2019

As a first time home buyer, I was unfamiliar with much of the process in purchasing real estate. I was inexperienced and slightly overwhelmed, which is to be expected with such a large decision. Navneet made the process simple and easy to understand, answering my many questions and actively searching for a home that was right for me. Navneet is knowledgeable, diligent, patient and carries a high level of professionalism in all areas of his business. Navneet is focused, driven and approachable. He knows the market, is an amazing negotiator. He loves what he does and cares about the people he works with. I ended up with the perfect home, at a great price, in an amazing location, and I couldn't have been happier. I would highly recommend Navneet for all of your real estate needs, and I hope to work with him again in the future.