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My husband and I were looking for property for investment. Mostly I worked without realtor by myself through regular checking of realtylink website and booking appointments for promising properties. At this time as usually I called to enquire about one house. The realtor on the other line was Tara. She told that the property had accepted offer and instead of hanging up started asking me questions about our search and then proposed help. I agreed without much hope because within 2 years we worked with three realtors in different periods of time without much success. Usually I did most of the homework by myself: searched website, selected properties and sent them to the realtor to book appointments. In this case everything was different: Tara researched market by herself, found 5 properties and booked appointments. We came to see houses even in a new area that she selected for us based on our objectives. We were researched mostly within Burnaby and East Van, this time it was Central Coquitlam. When we looked these 5 properties my husband told: I am impressed! Almost every single house may work for us! How through simple telephone conversation Tara was able to identify our objectives, financial abilities and then match with market offering! Why other realtors were unable to do the same? From the second appointment we found the property that were looking for 2 years. When we placed an offer Tara continued impressing us. She provided all historical data about the house and helped us to set strategy for negotiation and target price. In the past realtors were unhappy to provide these documents as reduced target price affected their commissions. After target price was established Tara started negotiation with the seller. And again she was very proactive doing most of the work by herself advising us only on final numbers. We achieved more or less target price. When Home Inspection revealed some serious problems required significant investments Tara was able to re-negotiate and reduce price again. I recall similar situation with other realtor. He didn't want to provide historical sale data to set target price; instead, he convinced us that the price was right and can't be reduced significantly. We listened him and agreed on higher sale price. But bank's property assessment revealed that the price was on the very high end of the market. On top, Property Inspection demonstrated that the house had significant problems. The realtor was unable to re-negotiate price. As a result we didn't remove subject making the realtor very disappointed and unhappy with us. With Tara all was different: bank's property assessment demonstrated that our sale price was on the lower part of the market so all our homework and negotiation were right and my husband and I felt satisfied with the price. During mortgage approval stage Tara was very prompt and organized. All required by bank info she supplied within a few hours responding accurately and clearly. On top she keeps all related contacts and was able to refer to us mortgage brokers-(as smart and efficient as she is), house inspectors and others. Tara is a highly efficient and professional realtor. We appreciate her help and highly recommend her to others.