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Thank you Marc Perras for taking all the stress out of selling our house. We were impressed by your professionalism, dedication and knowledge about our surrounding area. You were so accommodating to our family, did an excellent job of explaining processes and forms etc. and were so patient with all of our questions. You did a commendable job of pointing out the pros and cons of various actions, particularly when it came to reviewing the offers and fine negotiating details on our home. You were bang on how much we should list our house for and predicted what we can expect in the way of offers. We have no doubt that with the help your team provided in staging our home was instrumental in how well and quickly it sold - It was on the market for only 1 day, and we had 3 viewings and 2 offers. Thank you again for always being available, quick to respond at any time of night and for the constant communication and feedback and guidance through this process. We would like to thank again Marc for your teams hard work and dedication. It was a pleasure working with you and will be recommending you to family/neighbour and friends. Wish you all the best, Angele and Kurt