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Jan and Tom are hands down, AMAZING! Coming from out of province, with only 3 days to find a house, (and on my own), both Jan and Tom took excellent care of me. Starting with the detailed emails and information sent to me online, phone calls, and then the warm welcome here in Nanaimo, all was superb. The first thing that struck me was Jan’s down to earth honesty and appraisal of each home we were about to visit. Having never been to Nanaimo before, that was exactly what I needed. She gave me valuable advice about properties, lifestyles, and trends for each neighbourhood, including things to look out for, events, and proximity to the places we would frequent on a regular basis. Jan was very familiar with not only the structure of properties, but strata rules, city guidelines, interior design and general “mood” of the homes. Emails, texts, and late night phone calls were all answered quickly and thoroughly. I really felt she made the time to be available for only me during my quick visit. Interactions were always friendly and polite. I never felt rushed or under pressure, and every morning I was picked up at the hotel by either Jan or Tom, on time, and with a smile, which are simple things, but during a stressful time, put me at ease. After my 3-day whirlwind tour, Jan and Tom and I relayed all the property details to my husband, (which means they had to explain everything AGAIN), and we decided on a home that was perfect for our lifestyle and within our budget. But the service didn’t end there. They sent us referrals for lawyers, home builders and contractors for the renovations, and have since been there for us as we navigate our way through a new city finding doctors, places to eat, fitness centres, and interesting things to do. For us Jan and Tom are more than real estate agents. They are good neighbours, friends who take the time to get to know you and your needs. We would highly recommend their services. We couldn’t be more grateful for what they have done for us. If we were to sell or buy any property in the future, the first ones we would call would be Jan and Tom.