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Jody was our second realtor we had used to purchase our second home. Our first home was with a builder, so we were used to having everything arranged (lawyer, mortgage broker etc). Since we had very little experience purchasing a home (without guidance from a builder and their team) we were quite novice and required quite a bit of assistance with the purchase process. Our first realtor was very friendly and answered our questions, however it felt as if we were still left with much information unanswered (as sometimes we didn't know what to ask or expect or what we should be doing etc.). We made the decision to shift gears and change realtors to be able to have someone that was not only knowledgeable, but would provide some guidance and talk us through the whole process so we felt comfortable and confident making our choices. I immediately felt at ease as we had lengthy discussions about different ways to get what we needed (ie. a purchase plus mortgage to make immediate renovations). Jody came with experience with construction and was able to identify things in the house we would've definitely missed prior to inspection and offer. I really appreciated his connections with his mortgage broker, lawyer and inspectors (all of these were arranged by him, therefore we felt similar to that of our first experience with a builder, having everything taken care of for us). We decided to keep our first house as an investment property after having many lengthy discussions with both jody as well as our mortgage broker and we are so happy we did. They both spent a lot of time going over details with us and answering questions about our first house (even though this was of no financial gain to them) we are very appreciative of the guidance and assistance we received. Jody still continues to check in with us to see how everything is. We wanted someone who wasn't only financially motivated, but someone that actually cared about our family and that we were making the right decisions, and jody was a perfect fit for us. We have been in our house for almost 4 months now and we are in absolute love with it! Stacey and Paul Uhrig