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My boyfriend and I recently purchased our first home together in beautiful Provinceton. The transactions, were handled by Robert Lacey of the Katronis Team. It has been a long time since I last purchased a home and I didn't know what to expect. I have worked for the Katronis Team for over 3 years now but never got to experience firsthand what it was like to have them as my Realtor. I was very pleasantly surprised, when we began dealing with Katronis Team during one of their open houses. The hosting realtor was the most pleasant and had an efficient attitude toward his job and most importantly toward his clients. He wasn't the least bit pushy as some salespeople tend to be, but let us make our own decisions as to what we liked and disliked about places we were taken to see. I don't like to be pushed and am completely put off by anyone who tries it with me. Robert's friendly attitude and professionalism is to be commended and how he handled our deal, which proved to be somewhat complicated, due to the fact that many other deals hung in the balance at the same time. He made us feel very confident in his ability to see us through a very worrying and frustrating period and we cant express our gratitude strongly enough. If you're going to choose a Realtor, The Katronis Team is the only option.