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This summer we began the scary journey of buying our first home. After looking online and seeing the amazing reviews, we decided to meet with Yasmin. We loved her from the start! We made a beginner mistake and trusted the wrong person with our mortgage. Yasmin's support saved us from a nightmare situation. She went above and beyond in helping us fix it. We felt horrible about the amount of work that our situation required but not once did we feel like we were a burden to her. Yasmin was always there to offer her support and guidance. If we hadn’t had Yasmin as our realtor we probably would have given up and not moved forward. In the end, Yasmin ended up helping us buy a new build (something that many realtors dislike doing). In 10 months we will have our dream first home and that wouldn’t have happened with her continued support and expert knowledge. Thank you, Yasmin, for everything you’ve done for us. We are forever grateful! David and Mylene