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Jesse is a fantastic real estate agent! At the time, we were looking at both selling and buying a home. Jesse took the time, laid out all of our options and provided all the research material we needed to make the right decision. With the currently real estate market, it is important to be an informed buyer/seller. We must have dragged Jesse to over 50 different homes before we put in an offer. He was there for us anyday, any time and worked around our busy work schedule. Jesse has a wonderful insight into, not only what we liked, but if the price matched the quality of the home. ie. was our purchase a good value in that current market. Jesse's wife is also an appraisal, which greatly help to value different types of home upgrades which were harder to quantify. Overall, I would use Jesse again for any future buy/sell and i would strongly recommend Jesse to anyone looking for a home in Calgary. He definitely built a long-term relationship with us, which is hard to find in Calgary.