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I asked Sam who is helping us out with finding some rental locations in our area if there was somewhere that I could leave a review for him. He directed me to your email! Our experience prior to finding Sam was frantically looking on kijiji or to find rentals in our area. I finally started looking on and found many more options that were in our preferred area in our price range. When I found a property I was interested in I clicked on “find out more about this property”. Within a split second I already had a text and a follow up phone call from Sam. He was very detailed in explaining the process of renting/leasing a home and that he would be happy to show us some of the listings. I texted him a couple of times either at the crack of dawn or close to midnight and each time I received a reply instantly. For us he had been nothing short of a dream to help us navigate the waters of renting. From what I can see on the outside looking in. He is a very dedicated employee and knows a lot of information on renting and even bylaws. I really hope that his efforts are noticed as it is not always easy to come by hard working and dedicated employees that are passionate about what they do. In my opinion he is a great face and representative for