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If you are looking for a realtor that goes above and beyond, look no further than Yasmin Fues! Yasmin was an integral part of my relocation from Alberta to Ontario. She is well versed in the Brookfield requirements and provided me information and advice that positioned me well for my house hunting trip. Although it was a crazy market and hectic week, Yasmin persevered to find me the RIGHT FIT home. In the chaos she reminded me to stay true to want I wanted and provided alternative options to consider so that I wasn’t settling. When the right home surfaced, she negotiated in an assertive professional manner that got me the home I coveted. She pays attention to the details and cares about you as her client. Yasmin provides honest advice and feedback to keep you well informed on the realty realities. When setbacks occur, Yasmin works with you to find solutions in a timely and effective manner. My relocation went smoothly, due to Yasmin’s in depth knowledge, experience and efforts!