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This will not be your typical 5-star rating comment! :) I will state the obvious about Jason afterward, but I will start with this. At the midpoint of close the deal, there was some miscommunication that Jason honorably took full responsibility for. From that point onward, Jason not only ensured that everything was crystal clear and that I was informed of any minor detail that was necessary for the transaction, but Jason did it with such integrity and alacrity. From my perspective everyone makes mistakes, but what matters most, is what one is willing to do AFTER the mistake has been made. Those actions are what define a human being and what the relationship between others will be like afterward. For this reason alone, I state that Jason is a man of integrity, honour, morality, and virtue. Therefore, you can trust Jason to the point, that if things to do not go "according to plan" (as life happens to be), you know that Jason will perform at his best to rectify and redeem the situation to the best of his ability! Finally, what can I say, I could repeat the comments posted before mine, but I prefer to spare you the reading! :) Best wishes on your purchasing or selling your home with Jason.