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I bought my first home around 4 years ago with Jan and Tom and had a very positive experience although brief as we bought very quickly. This second time around I was going through a separation and selling. Our sale was very quick (about two weeks) even after the downturn in the market with the foreign buyers tax. I think this is because of the high quality 3D layout and professional photos they did. I was also looking to buy on my own after selling my first house. I mostly worked with Tom and each time I was shown a house I got a spec sheet and folder to keep track of what I saw. He was very responsive and thorough in letting me know what issues on properties were and might be. There was absolutely no pressure to buy at all and he let me take the lead on my search, which was perfect for me. I was nervous about purchasing a home by myself and had lots of questions about my rental income unit, all of which were answered. When I moved in I was surprised with a gift from Tom of some of the beautiful furniture that the former owners had! I was so touched. Definitely recommend both Jan and Tom, even without the present!