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I bought a house a little over a year ago and Jay was my agent. The process of buying a house can be very overwhelming but Jay made it as stress free as possible by frequently communicating with me, and really narrowing down what I needed from a house. Additionally, he also helped me find tenants for the basement of my new home, and my old property. In this way, he helped me manage all my timelines, as far as when to start looking for tenants, and what move in dates would work best. The fact that I only needed to deal with one agent made it so much more hassle free. He also has a wide range of professionals that he works with, for anything related to your purchase (i.e. lawyer, contractor, etc). The professionals he recommended me to were also very cost-effective and efficient with their work. I was personally very satisfied with the lawyer he recommended. I was also very satisfied with his rates. In fact, they are the lowest that I have found from any other agents I have inquired about. If you are looking for an agent that is highly effective, I would strongly recommend that you give Jay Rana a call.