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When we decided we wanted to upgrade from our semi-detached house to a detached one, we asked Matt to be our agent. In the months that followed, Matt showed us countless houses, patiently prepared tens of offers, and when we finally bought our new home, he did an amazing job in marketing our old place, and attracted many good offers, and we ended up selling it for a price way above our expectations. Having said that, we did not choose Matt only because we thought he would get us the best deal possible when buying and selling. The biggest reason for us was because we knew for sure that we could rely on his honest advice. Many times he gently nudged us to reason when we were getting emotional. Not once did he pressure us to make a decision we would not be 100% comfortable with. Even though we spent months looking for a new place, we never felt rushed. Very often he knew what we wanted or needed as much as we did, sometimes more. As long as he is in business, I know I will not need another agent, and I can recommend him to anyone who needs an honest, reliable agent who really knows what he is doing.