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I met Terry Eng eight years ago when I needed a market appraisal for my house. I was impressed at the time with his professionalism so looked him up late last year when the time came for me to sell. Another reason for choosing him came from observing the large number of "sold" signs in my area with his name on them. During the course of our association, I've found him to be personable, experienced and extremely helpful in understanding how to valuate my house and prepare it for sale. We listed my house for a short period on his company website, followed by posting on MLS. This caused a large build up of people coming through what turned out to be my only showing. We had two or three seriously interested parties and I was very impressed with how he handled them relative to one another to ensure that we were able to obtain the best offer. Going into all of this he did a good job of setting my expectations on what to expect for my house in the current market. In my case he was able to negotiate a sale price above asking, with no subjects and flexibility on the possession date. I have also employed him to assist me on the purchase of a new home under construction where I have also been also able to benefit from his extensive experience. I strongly recommend Terry and his team to anyone selling or buying a house.