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I would like to thank Jennifer and Terry for their outstanding service in everything they both did for our family in selling our precious family home. I have not seen ever before two hard working Agents that handled the roller coaster ride with our first open house and how a wonderful decision to have a second open house to achieve the result that we received in the sale of our parents home. My family would like to sincerely thank you both for the endless and countless hours of work but you both made it work. Thank you for your outstanding and excellent expertise as the way you both handled the sale and your professionalism was and I know will be the best that any client would want. I highly recommend you both in future sales listings and know you can overcome anything and everything. From the Demelo family to both of you we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we just hope the buyers keep up with keeping the home beautiful. Thank you and we will surely recommend our family and Friends to choose you to list their home. Thank you.