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Brad was excellent!!! If you know me, I can be very picky and that can be frustrating for many. With Brad, he took that in stride and was 100% professional, patient, outstanding in providing updates and recommendations on homes. With the many homes (25+ in a few months) that we went through, he pointed out the positives and negatives which I very much appreciated; and was very thorough I might add. That is simply because from the very beginning, he questioned me thoroughly to ensured he knew what I wanted. Not to mention, he was open and honest and realistic with me. Whenever we met up, whether at a home or meeting at Timmies to discuss homes, he always was upbeat, cheerful and smiling. He also kept me posted via emails, texts and phone calls with updates and such and he was very conscious of when and was always prompt in responding back. Brad from beginning to my purchase, made this process very easy for me and I am beyond grateful. Very highly recommended. He WILL find you that home that you are looking for and not only with what you desire, but within your price range as well. Happy house hunting!!!