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The Ottawa market has not been friendly to buyers and as new home owners, it has been the least ideal and most daunting market to enter. At one point, the competition was so fierce we just wanted to quit, but having Yasmin as our agent was the only thing that kept us pushing forward. She is diligent, persistent, prepared, knowledgeable and quick to respond. With her, we never felt pushed to buy just any house, she truly looked out for our best interests and was incredibly patient throughout our many viewings. We can safely assume being a buyers agent in this market is no easy task either, but you would never know it by working with Yasmin. She is always composed and optimistic. She will answer as many questions as you have without complaint. And when you finally find "the one", she will fight hard for you and provide sound advice when you draft the offer. You will feel like a valued client from the time you create your search to the time you get your keys. We are grateful to her for everything — we would not have gotten this far without her.