Top Rated Agent Badges

Learn about the types of badges, how to earn them, and how to put them on your website and other marketing material.

3 Types of Badges

  1. Top Rated Agent - Earn Top Rated Agent status by having at least three 5-star reviews and a rating average of at least 4.7. This badge and status is based on all reviews of an agent. If you’ve been awarded this badge and then fall below the standard, it will automatically revert to a Reviewed badge.
  2. Reviewed - Agents with at least one verified review earn the Reviewed badge. (Reviews are verified by our system and there is no indicator of verified or not on reviews.)
  3. Top Rated in 2018 - Agents with the best reviews of 2018 for their city or town are awarded this badge. It’s only awarded to the top 3 - 10 agents for the year. (In larger cities the top 10 are recognized. In smaller cities and towns it may be less. Only the top 5 or top 3 for example.) Once earned, it cannot be taken away. For each year following (2019, 2020, etc) there will be additional badges awarded. All agents start fresh each year to compete for the top yearly spots.

There are 3 types of badges and they’re all customized specific to the agent. The name of the agent appears on the badge to ensure agents who don’t qualify don’t use other agent’s badges.

How to Earn Badges

Reviews and ratings on are the only criteria used to determine eligibility for badges. Ask your clients to review you to acquire more reviews. See the above section to learn the requirements for each type of badge.

How to Find Out If You’ve Earned a Badge

  1. Email - Once you’ve qualified and earned a badge, our system will email you. There will be instructions and the code you need to copy and paste into the HTML of your site.
  2. Profile - Badges will automatically be added to your profile under your ratings summary. If you see that, you should have received an email. Search all your email folders for ‘badge’ before contacting us please. (Because we’ll still have to email it to you again.)

How to Put a Badge On Your Site

Copy the html code you receive in the badge notification email sent to you by alerts @ Paste that code into your website code where you want the badge to display. Save the changes and publish the page. Refresh your page to view the changes.

Where To Display Your Badges

There are many places you can display your badges to increase your credibility and distinguish yourself to clients. People trust independent 3rd party reviews more than testimonials or hand-picked references. The list below is not exhaustive, but should get you started.

  1. Homepage of your website where visitors can see it without scrolling. You’ve worked hard to distinguish yourself, so highlight your strong track record.
  2. Testimonials website pages.
  3. Profile on your brokerage’s sites. Wherever you have a profile, you’ll want to highlight your badges.
  4. Social media profiles. Make a post and pin it to the top.
  5. Real estate sites you advertise on.
  6. Client presentations - Both your buyer and listing presentations.
  7. Advertising - Online and offline.
  8. Signs - Agents have made horizontal hangers to put below their ‘for sale’ signs.