Rain Coast Dog Rescue Society

 Rain Coast Dog Rescue Society

What is Rain Coast Dog Rescue Society?

RainCoast Dog Rescue is a Canadian registered charity that focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of dogs and cats throughout Canada. We have other dedicated focuses such as spay and neuter clinics, vaccine clinics, education in the community and schools, and advocacy and awareness campaigns. As part of our RainCoast PET Project we work with low income families, people experiencing homelessness with animals, and people in supportive housing with animals, to provide vet care, training, dog and cat food, supplies, and anything else that helps support the person and the dog or cat. We are a domestic Canadian charity that also helps globally with some of our international rescue projects. We are dedicated to making Canada and the world a more humane, loving, educated, responsible, and accepting place for dogs and cats in need.

Cities served include Victoria.



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