Our Story at Rate-My-Agent.com: Why Reviews and Ratings Matter

Like so many people, we’ve had some ‘above and beyond’ experiences with some agents and we’ve had that dreaded ‘how are you still in business?’ experience.  The purpose of Rate-My-Agent.com is to help people find the right agent for them.

In the beginning, we only had real estate agent profiles and ratings.  You can now review insurance agents and mortgage brokers.


We have referred thousands of clients to agents over the years.  By ensuring your profile is accurate, you’ll be sure to get the referrals you deserve.

Agents work with each other day in and day out, so don’t hesitate to rate your peers.  Good or bad, people want to know!

Social Responsibility

We believe businesses have the opportunity to lead by example.  We consider ourselves a social enterprise and challenge other businesses to look at how they can make a positive impact on society.  Social Responsibility is in our DNA at Rate-My-Agent.com.  We pledge 50% of profit to worthy causes!