Remote work as independent contractors is the only way we work at

To apply for any of these roles, email Apply at with the position in the subject.

We’re looking for people with experience at getting results, so pitch us a short project and a flat rate to complete the project. Include your pitch in your email. Customize your pitch to achieve specific results for, or it will not be considered. If we agree to your project, you’ll be awarded the project and you’ll be on your way to earning larger projects and a permanent role.

We’re a small remote working team, so there’s no bureaucracy or politics. You will be responsible for creating your role and achieving results.

Core Values & Purpose

Why do we exist?

Our purpose is to ‘See how much good we can do‘. We’re profitable and growing with plans to do a lot more good.

If you hold the values we do, you’re a great fit.

Do what’s right and treat people fairly.

Our team earns raises without asking. Ditto on bonuses. Days off are almost always approved.

Agents who cheat are penalized. We refund their money if they’re a subscriber.

Results Oriented – Work does not equal results.

We get our projects done and we expect that of others. We follow through on projects and follow up with people to make sure the intended results are achieved. We do not clock in and clock out. We start with the result in mind and we are not done our project until we’ve achieved our result.

Persistent – Consistent daily work towards the goal with no excuses.

Amateurs wait for inspiration while professionals show up every day and focus on the ‘one thing’. We never quit. Giving up is not an option. We persist.

Always Learning – Self taught and sharing lessons.

We love to figure things out. Try things we’ve never tried before. Improve on what we already know. We’re confident we can find a way and learn what we need to along the way. We get started learning instead of asking to be taught.

Teamwork – Communicate clearly & excel at doing your part.

We’ll stay late to ship a project and support our teammates. We’ll thank them for the extra effort too.


  • Social Media Expert – Take us from zero to hero.
  • Publicity Expert or Firm – Publicize the good we do with giving back, our yearly agent rankings, and noteworthy wins.
  • Content Marketing Expert – Educate people with real valuable insights, not the typical industry propaganda.
  • Client Success & Support – Build partnerships and ensure our clients succeed.
  • Operations Manager – Lead the team to ensure our flywheel keeps spinning.

No, we don’t have job descriptions for these because we don’t want to have to tell you what to do. If you’ve already succeeded in any of these roles, you know what, how, and why – right?