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Before you hire a real estate agent, use Rate-My-Agent.com to find the best Realtor® for you (and avoid the wrong agents)!  You can search by city in the search bar at the top of every page or find your city in the list of cities categorized by province in Canada or state in the US.  Use our annual list of Top Ranked Agents of 2021 in the most popular cities on the site.

Independently verified ratings and reviews make Rate-My-Agent.com the best real estate agent review site in Canada. Thousands of reviews every month do not pass the verification standards. The site is free for agents to have a profile and for buyers and sellers to post their honest reviews.  Agents cannot pay to have reviews removed or hidden, like they can on some other reviews sites. (Can you believe other sites let them do that?)

If you want to avoid the hassle of reading endless reviews and want us to find the best top rated realtor for you, fill out our short Agent Matching Quiz and we'll get right to work for you.  There's no cost and no obligation.  It will save you hours of researching and interviewing agents.

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Rate your REALTOR® or real estate agent with an honest review of your experience dealing with them.  The more valid, top rated reviews agents get, the higher they rank, and the more business they will earn from people who come to Rate-My-Agent.com to find the best pros in their area.  When you submit a rating and review, be sure to use your real name and email address.  Your name will be published with your review, but your email address will not be published.  We'll email you to verify your reviews and ratings if necessary.

Review and Rating Criteria

Rate-My-Agent.com offers unique rating elements you won't find anywhere else.  Rating criteria is also tailored to the type of agent you're reviewing.  For real estate agents we include ratings for Marketing Reach and Lead Generation, Home Preparation and Staging Advice, and whether or not the real estate agent Offers to Show For Sale By Owner Listings.  With mortgage brokers we ask for Mortgage Application Guidance ratings.  Reviews of insurance brokers or agents include a rating for their Handling of Claims.  Other helpful reviewable criteria that applies to all agents includes, Usefulness of Website, Value of Service, Type of Property, and a recommendation that answers, 'Would you use this agent again?'

Including a comment with your reviews is encouraged to provide some context for those who read your reviews.  When commenting, be sure to only state facts that you can prove.

What Agents Are Saying

Rate-My-Agent has been directly beneficial to my business. Almost from the day I signed up, I have had many calls to list or purchase a property directly from  this site, and I have closed several home sales in 2018 and I am already way ahead in sales for 2019 and Rate-My-Agent has been a huge contributing factor to my success. I am currently working with two people who have contacted me as a direct result from searching for a Realtor through Rate-My-Agent. My daughter's have both set themselves up with an account as well. What a great concept! Thank you for all the business you have generated for me!!-Cari Keeling, Right at Home Realty

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REALTOR® or Real Estate Agent, What's the Difference?

Not all real estate agents are REALTORS®, but all REALTORS® are real estate agents.  A REALTOR® is a real estate agent that is a member of The Canadian Real Estate Association in Canada or the National Association of REALTORS® in the USA.  In either case, REALTORS® are committed to the REALTOR® Code which ensures professional conduct, quality service, and ethical behaviour.

Types of Agents:

Real Estate

Seller's Agents, also referred to as Listing Agents represent the seller in a transaction.  With access to comparable sale prices, they will help the seller price their home by performing a comparative market analysis.  Once they've signed a listing agreement with the seller, they will 'list' the home for sale on MLS® and many other listing websites.  A good sellers agent will also help the seller prepare their home for sale by making sure any necessary repairs are completed, and a thorough clean and staging of the property on the exterior and interior.  Experienced agents know that these details contribute greatly to the number of offers and the amount of those offers.  Finally, the sellers agent will negotiate with the buyer's agent representing any offers that are received.

Buyer's Agents represent the buyer in a transaction.  Finding potential properties, scheduling viewing appointments, advising on offering bids and terms, and protecting their clients' interest during negotiations are all services typically provided by buyer's agents.

Most agents perform both roles (Selling or Listing and Buying) for their clients so as you're searching for the right agent for you on Rate-My-Agent.com, you will not see anything distinguishing buyer's agents from seller's agents.

Quick Stats on Reviews of Agents

  • 70.8% of reviews are 5 stars.
  • 19.2% of reviews are 1 star.
  • 2, 3, and 4 stars combine for remaining 10% of reviews.
  • Over 41,000 reviews of over 12,000 agents.

Social Responsibility

We pledge 50% of our profit to worthy causes!

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