1.  If you would like to request changes to profile information, there is a link on each profile to do that.  First, you need to be on the profile you'd like to request edits for.  Below the address, look for this:

Is this info incorrect? 
Click that link, and it will tell you the next steps to take

2.  If you want to reply to comments or reviews posted, there is an option to do that on each review.  Under each review comment there is a button, click 'Reply to Review'.  This is the best way to prove to the public how professional you are.  No one is perfect, and the public knows that.  Authenticity and taking accountability for your actions is what the public wants to see in these authentic reviews and replies.

3.  We've removed the e-mail address to eliminate spam, but you can send to info[at] or call us at 778-819-3255.