How Yearly Rankings Are Determined

Rankings are calculated based on each agent's review performance for a given year. We keep track of rankings for each year inside our system, and publish new rankings annually.

1. During the ranking process, we verify all the reviews using our proprietary triple verification process. We don’t disclose how it works so that agents cannot cheat the system. Every year we throw out thousands of reviews that are not verified. You can trust that the reviews are real.

2. The 2022 rankings are based on the number of reviews and ratings you received, based on transactions that closed in 2022..

3. Agents were not consulted during our review process. No money was, or will ever be accepted to influence these rankings.

4. The competition for top yearly rankings starts fresh each year. Rankings from previous years do not affect current or future years.

Q - Why does the rank on my profile differ from the rank in the 2020 list and on the badge?

A - The rank on the profile and city page is a real-time, overall ranking, while yearly (2020, 2019, etc) rankings are a snapshot of the given year.

Here's a 1 minute video to show the difference between a yearly ranking and the overall profile ranking.

Last updated: January 12, 2021