How the Badges Work

Consumers should know...

    • Badges have to be earned. There is no way to buy a badge.
    • If an agent is displaying a badge somewhere that is not displayed on their profile, that is not an authorized badge.

5 Types of Badges

    • Top Rated Agent - Earn Top Rated Agent status by having at least three 5-star reviews and a rating average of at least 4.7. This badge and status are based on all reviews of an agent. If you’ve been awarded this badge and then fall below the standard, it will automatically revert to a Reviewed badge.
    • Reviewed - Agents with at least one verified review earn the Reviewed badge. (Reviews are triple verified by our system and team.)
    • Top 10 in 2018, 2019, 2020, etc by City - Agents with the best reviews of a specific year for their city or town are awarded this badge. It’s only awarded to the top 3 - 10 agents for the year. (In larger cities the top 10 are recognized. In smaller cities and towns it may be less. Only the top 3 for example.) Once earned, it cannot be taken away. For each following year (2021, 2022, etc) there will be additional badges awarded. All agents start fresh each year to compete for the top yearly spots.
    • Top 100 Canadian Agents - This ranks all agents in Canada for a given year. This badge was started in 2019 with the Top 50 in Canada. In 2020, it became the Top 100.
    • Worthy Cause Hero - This badge is specifically to highlight agents that support Worthy Causes and give back to the community. Agents that have donated at least CAD 1,000 in a calendar year will earn the Worthy Cause Hero badge. 

All 5 types of badges are customized for each agent. The name of the agent appears on the badge to ensure agents who don’t qualify don’t use other agents’ badges.

How to Earn Badges

Reviews and ratings on are the only criteria used to determine eligibility for badges. Ask your clients to review you to acquire more reviews.

WARNING: Copying and submitting ratings or reviews from any other website, including other review sites, or your own website is not permitted. Submitting reviews on behalf of your clients is not permitted. Our system has ways to detect this and there are strict penalties for agents caught cheating. A warning is posted on the profile of cheating agents and will not be removed until the remaining penalties are satisfied.

How to Find Out If You’ve Earned a Badge

    1. Email - Once you’ve qualified and earned a badge, our system will email you. There will be instructions to get the code you need to copy and paste into the HTML of your site.
    2. Profile - Badges will automatically be added to your profile and you’ll find them on the ‘Get Badge’ page in your account menu.