Top 10 Brampton, ON, Real Estate Agents in 2018

The top 10 Brampton, ON real estate agents for the year of 2018 are listed in ranked order. The ratings and reviews have been verified by People can trust the ratings and reviews at knowing that agents can’t pay to delete or hide negative reviews like they can on other sites.

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"I would like to express my gratitude towards Naveen Chatrath from Save Max. He helped me to find the right property investment. He went the full distance on helping me find tenants with no charge. I recommend Naveen to anyone who wants to invest in properties or to buy a house. He is really honest, knowledgeable and will help you with anything from A-Z."

"Just want to thank Mr. Boughan for doing an amazing job, you are the best. Sold my house in less than 1 week, ones again thanks a lot."

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"Laddi and Gurpreet are The best Real Estate Agents in Brampton area! Be sure to go with the best! They'll do whatever it takes to find your perfect home, even go further out of their comfort zone . They are Amazing people."

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"It has been an amazing experience working with Savemax. Me and my husband are very satisfied with our purchase. With the help of Utsav Kohli we were able to find the right house for our family. He was very professional and friendly and would definitely recommend Savemax. "

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"Thorough Gentleman n deals with utmost professionalism "

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"I am also partner in repairs business. We pay rent many years but own nothing. Terry help us understand and to see a better way. Very polite and knows answers we don't."

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"I was looking for a real estate agent to help me find my dream home in less than a month and sell my home. Then I found Kush Gupta he is very effecient and knowledgeable, moreover he is a real estate broker which makes it even better to work with him because he has a higher degree in real estate and is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate markets across the GTA. Working with Kush made my experience very smooth and he awnsered every one of my questions. He was successful in selling an..."

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"Like his name, Sunny will bring sunshine to your lives. He is an extremely knowledgeable agent who understands customer needs & concerns. He is friendly, respectful, knowledgeable, professional, and very caring. He knows the market & deserving won 100’s of awards, trophies, certificate of appreciations, and recognition. His service was legendary towards our family (selling our home) & I am 100% sure that his past customers & lucky future customers (buyers or sellers) will get an excellent ser..."

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"To everyone who’s going to sell house with Vinod Bansal. Vinod didn’t follow my agreement with him. He made me feel as I was cheated. That’s not the way a really good loyal agent does. The way he did same like forcing me to sell my house. I can’t cancel my sale agreement. I want to sue him."

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"I would highly recommend Ranjit if anyone else would like to hire him for his service"

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Last updated: December 31, 2018