Top 7 Regina Real Estate Agents for 2020

The top 7 real estate agents in Regina for 2020 have been announced! Every year announces the top rated Realtors in Regina. The rankings are determined by the reviews each agent received in 2020. There were 56 new reviews in 2020 for 55 agents in Regina. verifies the reviews and throws out thousands of fake reviews. You might be shocked to learn, even issues severe penalties to agents caught trying to cheat the rankings. Finally, there’s a site you can trust.

Counting them down from 7 to 1...

"She's the best person you'll get to meet in this business. She puts your wishes first and is never in a hurry to close the deal. Would happily refer anyone to do business with her. "

"Liza was so informative and has good connections. She helped us to take our decision in no time because she provided us with all the information we need. She was so responsive to our calls and texting. I really do recommend her. "

"Kandas was very professional, kind, and easy to talk to. She responded quickly to my inquiries and answered all my questions with a smile. Overall, she made my first time home buying experience easy and comfortable. I would recommend her to other home buyers. Thank you Kandas!"

"We moved to another province in 2019 and had hired a realtor to sell our house. It was on the market for just under a year with many showings but no real offers. We needed to do something. So we took it off the market and finally decided to put it up for rent. Then I talked to a friend who recommended giving Peter a try as she said he is very good. So we gave it a try. What did we have to lose? We signed the documents with Peter on Monday and by Wednesday we had an offer. It wasn't a good offer. So Peter used some kind of magic and worked with the buyers agent to try and negotiate and get closer to asking price. And behold within a few hours, he did it. He got us to a fair sel..."

"Logan is a friendly agent to associate with. Through out the process of selling my home, he kept us inform in every step. He knows his business in realty for residential area. I would suggest Logan to anyone for selling or buying their home."

"It was a pleasure working with Aideen Zareh. It was our first house so had lots of questions and Aideen not just answered our questions but showcased his knowledge about home construction to help us understand the good and bad of each type of construction. He also adviced us when we are over quoting any particular house (that we liked so much to be ours) and that the house is not of that much of worth. All in all we ended up with a successful transaction in the best price amongst all our viewings. I would certainly recommend Aideen and would love to deal with him again, if need be. "

"Brennan Zurowski was an absolute dream to deal with through the whole process from start to finish. He went above and beyond our expectations to get our house sold and get us into our dream home. His knowledge, quick responses, humor and feedback were appreciated. He is honest and very straightforward with correspondences and with his opinions through the process. He was accommodating when we had questions or needed information anytime day or night. By the time everything was finalized we felt like we had gained a new friend. I would (and have) highly recommend dealing with Brennan to anyone who is listing/buying. "

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Who’s the top real estate agent in Regina?

A - Brennan Zurowski earned 12 reviews in 2020 to be the top rated agent in Regina.

Q - How are the reviews verified?

A - Reviews on go through a triple verification process. First, the person who posts the review has to confirm by email that they are who they say they are, what they wrote is true, and they take full legal responsibility for the contents of their review. Second, team members moderate reviews to ensure they adhere to our review policy (No spam, profanity, etc). Third, reviews are audited to spot patterns and signals to investigate further.

Q - What do agents get for being ranked in the Top 7 Regina Realtors of 2020?

A - Pride in delighting their clients and being recognized for it. Listed on this page. Included in the video which is shared on social media. A badge they can use on their website, marketing material, and social media.

Q - How do the rankings work?

A - The rankings for 2020 are determined only by the agents’ ratings and reviews in 2020. These yearly rankings are a snapshot compared to the real-time rankings we maintain on each city page. Here’s a page to explain more details on the rankings.

All Regina, SK Reviews maintains a real-time, ranked list of all Regina, SK Realtors with reviews on the site. If you see any missing, feel free to add an agent.

Last updated: January 12th, 2021