Top 4 Whitby, ON, Real Estate Agents in 2018

The top 4 Whitby, ON real estate agents for the year of 2018 are listed in ranked order. The ratings and reviews have been verified by People can trust the ratings and reviews at knowing that agents can’t pay to delete or hide negative reviews like they can on other sites.

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"Brad and Kelly Brown"

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" Tanya is very professional and knowledgable about her Buisness . She is very reassuring and caring to what the client is looking for . Tanya uses all the tools possible to provide knowledge and answers for her clients in a very good timely manner . She is always looking for her clients and thinking about her past clients like myself if something would come on the market that I might be interested in . Confidence is the key for me to feel comfortable to make any big purchase ..."

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"Helped my husband and I sell are Whitby condo. We would strongly recommend. "

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"Josie is competent, intelligent and capable, but so are a lot of people. I can and will recommend Josie for 1 primary reason, Trust. You can trust Josie has your best interests in mind. In our dealings with Josie there were a number of times where she could have taken the easy road moving in one direction or another resulting in an easy sale/paycheck but Josie sensed apprehension, drilled down into the issues and after working considerably harder than expectation put us in a home that checks ..."

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Last updated: December 31, 2018