Unknown man
Email Agent
Website http://www.ottawadreamhouse.com/
Company Remax Hallmark Realty
Phone 613-590-****
Address 4366 Innes Road

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This woman is an absolute flake! Initial meeting - seemed sincere - but buyer or seller beware - make no mistake - she will use you to get your commission - once you have signed on the dotted line - she takes advantage of your hard earned money for her own interests. Her attention to you as a priority lasts approximately until she has your signature on the listing agreement - that is where it ends. Zero attention to detail - distracted conversations, days waiting for replies, constantly missed contractual details, dates - added chattel inclusions for the other side without verifying with us first. In a word - or a few - duplicitous, unprofessional, immature ( loves to play head games) and unethical. She will ( as we found) take advantage of you at your most vulnerable times - during the stress of negotiations. Shocking and unacceptable - why is there no governing body or accountability for these people? - A Very Dissatisfied Customer

November 08, 2017


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