Ways Rate-My-Agent.com Builds Your Business





After every review is submitted, the reviewer is asked if they’d like to refer you to anyone they know.  This is after most of them have just said they would recommend you.  Rate-My-Agent.com creates a lot of referrals for agents with this thoughtful feature.




3rd Party Reviews Convert Prospects Better Than Testimonials
In many online studies and in our own conversations with consumers, it’s clear that they trust 3rd Party Reviews while they distrust testimonials.  Both agents and consumers tell us that Rate-My-Agent.com is the easiest way to review an agent.




Automatically Put Your Reviews On Your Own Site
No more copying and pasting each review.  Embed your reviews with a bit of code on your own website.  When you get a new 4 or 5-star review, it will automatically get posted to your website as well.  Even on the free plan, you get all of your reviews!




Top Rated Agent Badges
Rate-My-Agent.com badges are a proven sign of credibility at a time when consumers are concerned about making the right choice when they hire an agent.



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