Dale Gardner, Sherwood Park, Real Estate Agent
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Website http://www.nowrealestategroup.ca/agent-8355-Dale_Gardner.html
Company NOW Real Estate Group
Phone 780-449-****
Cell 780-554-****
Fax 780-449-3499
Address #209, 65 Chippewa Road, Sherwood Park, Alberta

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I'll let his email speak for itself.... Email from Dale: Are you and this XXX guy both F'n morons ? I was born at night, but not last night ! In the event that vehicle is moved from its current position, without my bodyman and myself first having an opportunity of viewing same, any responsibility I previously may have acknowledged for any supposed damage i caused will be voided. You seem to ignore the fact that I not only have been a Realtor for 41 years, but also been a Wholesale Auto Dealer and a member of Amvic for 9 years ? All of our past emails were forwarded to my company lawyer this morning. Please don't consider this a threat, but rather a promise. If I have not received my entire $4700.00 in cash or by certified cheque by 6 PM Tuesday May 23/17, I will ask my lawyer to place a lien on the property at XXXX, and nothing will move in or from that site. - CJ

May 18, 2017

Not Successful


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