John Miminas, Port Alberni, Real Estate Agent
Email Agent
Company Royal LePage Port Alberni - Pacific Rim
Phone 250-723-****
Cell 250-735-****
Fax 250-723-2736
Address #1 - 4505 Victoria Quay

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John Miminas has been the perfect real estate agent for us.  We have been looking for the perfect home on the west coast for years. We located a home that we fell in love with, but after talking to John about it we were disappointed to hear that the home already had an accepted offer on it. After John informed us of the pending sale we gave up on the idea, but John did not. He stated that he would keep an eye on the existing offer and inform us if there were any changes or if the offer collapsed. Now because of John's ability to keep up with a dynamic market, we have our dream home. During the whole time working with John, we never felt pressured, and John was always quick to get us answers for any questions we had.  We feel that John was always working for what was best for us.          - Anita Gertz  and Jim Bowles  

October 15, 2020

Reply:    Thankyou Jim and Anita. It has been a pleasure working for you.

300 Tonquin Park Rd., Tofino, BC
Nov 2020

Anita Gertz  and Jim Bowles  

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