Loreta Escalante, Burnaby, Real Estate Agent
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Website http://www.sutton.com/agents/bc/Vancouver/loreta-escalante/
Company Sutton
Phone (604) 257-****
Cell (604) 341-****
Fax (604) 522-5288
Address 2607 East 49th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5S1J9

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Worst experience of my life. Complete waste of my families time. Is not interested in the well being of her clients. Pays no attention to criteria. Was never shown any listings I had not found myself. Adds buyers contract with a fee.Brings husband to all meetings and viewings. Unproffesional. Argued with clients. Said crime in area has no bearing on dicision making when purchasing a property. Raises voice and condesends clients infront of young children. Clients beware. Run in the other direction. - Concerned Disgruntled

November 20, 2015


Concerned Disgruntled
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