Brighter Path for Autism

Brighter Path for Autism

What is Brighter Path for Autism?

Brighter Path 4 Autism is a registered charity that is dedicated to raising awareness and supportive funds for children and their families, that have not been granted government funding. These funds help cover the cost of Intensive Behaviour Intervention (IBI) therapy. We are dedicated and determined to help children with ASD get the help they need. ​ Brighter Path 4 Autism was founded in 2018 when Adriano Ricciuti, son of the founder Rickey Ricciuti, was diagnosed with ASD. In pushing their way through government waitlists for funding, the family decided to take matters into their own hands. As challenging as it is, they have also witnessed other families who required financial support. Thus, Brighter Path 4 Autism was created to help support families and their children who are enrolled in a licensed Autism Therapy Program across Ontario.

Cities served include Vaughan.

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