Top 4 Fredericton Real Estate Agents for 2021

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The top 4 real estate agents in Fredericton for 2021 have been announced! Every year announces the top rated Realtors in Fredericton. The rankings are determined by the reviews each agent received in 2021. There were 66 new reviews in 2021 for agents in Fredericton. verifies the reviews and throws out thousands of fake reviews. You might be shocked to learn, even issues severe penalties to agents caught trying to cheat the rankings. Finally, there’s a site you can trust.

Counting them down from 4 to 1...


2 reviews in Fredericton in 2021
"Very responsive to requests. Showed multiple options. Explained the process and details of each listing. Responded to requests to view possible houses found on line. Showed listings only within price limits given."


13 reviews in Fredericton in 2021
"Working with Jennifer has been a fantastic experience! - She and her team made purchasing this land an absolute pleasure! Their professionalism and friendly attitude were much appreciated throughout the process! I will absolutely use her services again in the future!"


Accepting New Clients
23 reviews in Fredericton in 2021
"By far the best agent I’ve dealt with on numerous occasions. Personable and very professional. Very knowledgeable of the market and helped make the transaction happen quickly and efficiently. Would highly recommend Jason for both buying and selling."


Accepting New Clients
28 reviews in Fredericton in 2021
"The best people to work with! As a first time home buyer it was all new to me. Cynthia and Pierre made the entire process as easy and as clear as possible while making me feel as comfortable as possible in the world of real estate. Experienced and reliable realtors who know the industry inside and out while putting their clients wants and need before anything else."

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Who’s the top real estate agent in Fredericton?

A - Cynthia Charron earned 28 reviews in 2021 to be the top rated agent in Fredericton.

Q - How are the reviews verified?

A - Reviews on go through a triple verification process. First, the person who posts the review has to confirm by email that they are who they say they are, what they wrote is true, and they take full legal responsibility for the contents of their review. Second, team members moderate reviews to ensure they adhere to our review policy (No spam, profanity, etc). Third, reviews are audited to spot patterns and signals to investigate further.

Q - What do agents get for being ranked in the Top 4 Fredericton Realtors of 2021?

A - Pride in delighting their clients and being recognized for it. Listed on this page. Included in the video which is shared on social media. A badge they can use on their website, marketing material, and social media.

Q - How do the rankings work?

A - The rankings for 2021 are determined only by the agents’ ratings and reviews in 2021. These yearly rankings are a snapshot compared to the real-time rankings we maintain on each city page. Here’s a page to explain more details on the rankings.

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Last updated: January 9th, 2022