Top 10 Saskatoon Real Estate Agents for 2019

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The top 10 real estate agents in Saskatoon for 2019 have been announced! Every year announces the top rated Realtors in Saskatoon. The rankings are determined by the reviews each agent received in 2019. There were 180 new reviews in 2019 for agents in Saskatoon. verifies the reviews and throws out thousands of fake reviews. You might be shocked to learn, even issues severe penalties to agents caught trying to cheat the rankings. Finally, there’s a site you can trust.

Counting them down from 10 to 1...


3 reviews in Saskatoon in 2019
"We worked with Lorri when we first moved to Saskatoon to find a home, and 4 years later we were lucky enough to work with her again. She is very professional,  an works hard for her clients.  Easy to reach, quick to respond, and goes the extra mile!! I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell."


4 reviews in Saskatoon in 2019
"He is fantastic and so reliable, you can tell that his highest priority is helping you out and he is deeply committed to his work. His knowledge of houses structurally and of the market along with his honestly in both regards makes dealing with this agent a breath of fresh air. He considered our lifestyle and really tired to get to know us as people. Overall it was a wonderful experience having him help us find our place and I would recommend him in a heart beat to anyone buying or selling. "


5 reviews in Saskatoon in 2019
"Even though I was three zones away, Monique was always quick to answer any questions about the process. She got the quick sale and the price I wanted. What more do you want in an agent?"


7 reviews in Saskatoon in 2019
"Great Realtor! He helped us from start to finish. Showed us the home multiple times before we were ready to write an offer. Thank you!"


10 reviews in Saskatoon in 2019
"We were very pleased and thankful with services offered by Derrick and his team. When Derrick says “We are working for you” he literally meant it.  Thanks for listing and selling our home within a few days. "


11 reviews in Saskatoon in 2019
"We couldn’t be more pleased with Kari’s service and attention to detail. After interviewing few realtors and doing our own research we decided that Kari was the right professional to sell our house. Her professionalism, preparedness , communication skills, marketing plan and track record speak for themselves. Our house in Saskatoon was sold in 2 days at a fair market price. Kari was very understanding and accommodating, as family with 3 small kids It was very important to us, she was always available for questions and advices and made us feel if we were her only clients. We would recommend her to anyone who wants to buy or sell the house and looking for the real, genuine and professiona..."


11 reviews in Saskatoon in 2019
"Terra was recommended to me by a friend of mine and she's amazing! My property requirements made it difficult to find something that would be a good fit. Terra put in a lot of work finding properties that would be a good fit for me. This wasn't just looking up properties on a website, this included figuring out what would be a good compromise and options I hadn't even thought of. At the end of the day she found me my home and I've been trying to tell everyone how great she is ever since. Use Terra as your realtor and feel confident that she'll do everything possible to ensure that you get what you're looking for and enjoy the experience!!"


11 reviews in Saskatoon in 2019
"First time home buyers we found a house we were interested in and Connie had the listing. She was immediately very attentive and asked my fiance for a phone call to get to know what we were looking for. Connie listened to us every step of the way with what we wanted in our first house and went above and beyond to help us out. She is very knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend Connie and look forward to working with her in the future! "


Accepting New Clients
39 reviews in Saskatoon in 2019
"Mitch went above and beyond the call and exceeded our expectations. The sale process went extremely fast (~36 hours) in a somewhat depressed market. Very smooth process considering the sale was done remotely from Saskatoon. Highly recommend."


43 reviews in Saskatoon in 2019
"It has been a pleasure working with Heather Kehoe as my real estate agent. Heather sold and closed the sale of my home very quickly, she never left any questions unanswered and always responded promptly. She took the stress out of a potentially stressful situation. I would highly recommend Heather to anyone buying or selling, she is fantastic. I will definitely use Heather in the future for all my real estate needs. Thank you! "

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Who’s the top real estate agent in Saskatoon?

A - Heather Kehoe earned 43 reviews in 2019 to be the top rated agent in Saskatoon.

Q - How are the reviews verified?

A - Reviews on go through a triple verification process. First, the person who posts the review has to confirm by email that they are who they say they are, what they wrote is true, and they take full legal responsibility for the contents of their review. Second, team members moderate reviews to ensure they adhere to our review policy (No spam, profanity, etc). Third, reviews are audited to spot patterns and signals to investigate further.

Q - What do agents get for being ranked in the Top 10 Saskatoon Realtors of 2019?

A - Pride in delighting their clients and being recognized for it. Listed on this page. Included in the video which is shared on social media. A badge they can use on their website, marketing material, and social media.

Q - How do the rankings work?

A - The rankings for 2019 are determined only by the agents’ ratings and reviews in 2019. These yearly rankings are a snapshot compared to the real-time rankings we maintain on each city page. Here’s a page to explain more details on the rankings.

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