Top 10 Toronto Real Estate Agents for 2020

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The top 10 real estate agents in Toronto for 2020 have been announced! Every year announces the top rated Realtors in Toronto. The rankings are determined by the reviews each agent received in 2020. There were 273 new reviews in 2020 for agents in Toronto. verifies the reviews and throws out thousands of fake reviews. You might be shocked to learn, even issues severe penalties to agents caught trying to cheat the rankings. Finally, there’s a site you can trust.

Counting them down from 10 to 1...


7 reviews in Toronto in 2020
"Simply outstanding professional job in every area you could expect. Jane's ability to consider personal circumstances together with marketing trends provides excellent value for money spent. I would definitely recommend Jane for your real estate needs"


7 reviews in Toronto in 2020
"Shazia is an excellent agent and we have had a great experience working with her. She is honest, thorough, knowledgeable, professional, and a pleasure to work with. She is always available to answer our questions and goes above and beyond to help in any way she can. She has a very positive personality and gets along with everyone very well. I would definitely work with Shazia again and I highly recommend her."


9 reviews in Toronto in 2020
"Miranda has to be the Real Estate Agent with the most genuine dedication to her clients. We were not very familiar with the market so presented a big challenge but Miranda familiarized herself with our attitudes and helped us realize them reach our home ownership goal, all the while being calm, friendly, energetic yet professional, always insightful backed with a battery of knowledge and data. She is more than a Real Estate Agent, but like a personal consultant considering more factors than imaginable, all with us in mind. Definitely Miranda rocks at the top. We are dedicated to buying in the future from Miranda, no one else will meet her standard. "


11 reviews in Toronto in 2020
"JJ helped us buy a new house and sell my partner's condo. As a first time home buyer I wouldn't have wanted to work with anyone else. JJ worked hard to make sure we were buying the best possible place for us. We looked at a lot of houses, and with each prospective home he was always thorough, patient and honest."


14 reviews in Toronto in 2020
"I am so glad I met Joel in my house hunting journey. I was a first-time buyer and he made the entire process very smooth. He never went over my budget, always showed me listings that fit my criteria and walked me through every step I needed to take. He communicates very well (via text or phone call) and is really patient with you. Great experience with Joel."


12 reviews in Toronto in 2020
"We have known Sussan and her team since 2016. She has became our to go person. We have done 3 businesses so far with her and couldn’t be more satisfied. For me, it takes a while to build a relationship and trust with someone, but I am at that point with her that I TRUST her. She will advise you in a manner that it is in your best interest. Thank you Sussan. We consider you as our family."


11 reviews in Toronto in 2020
"It was an amazing process with Moe during our home purchase and had nothing short of an A+++ experience. As first time home buyers the stress, uncertainty, and the many questions my wife and I posed were met with kindness, patience, and clarity from dear Moe. He provided excellent guidance and he always left us feeling positive and with the tools, we needed to make decisions. He makes his clients feel confident and clear on the next steps and an action plan. He helped us to understand the market, analyze different options, set a realistic budget, and decide the right choice. We could not have asked for a better experience. Highly recommend and thank you so much for your help, dear brother."


15 reviews in Toronto in 2020
"I would recommend Jen to friends and family without hesitation. She carries herself very professionally, and she is a genuine person who is willing to go above and beyond for her clients. The Toronto market is not easy to navigate but her experience and expertise as a realtor became apparent very quickly. Jen made sure to get our requirements in detail and helped set clear expectations. She is quick to respond and is willing to answer any question you have for her. She is honest and trustworthy in how she deals with clients, which is not necessarily the case for all realtors. When it came to making an offer, she was knowledgeable in what needed to happen so that we could make an offer qui..."


20 reviews in Toronto in 2020
"Came into business with Ishtiaq through a family friend and they had nothing but good things to say about him so we went forward with him selling our home. Ishtiaq was great had a clear understanding of the market and did not over promise us anything. He let us know what he thinks and over delivered on that price he told us. He is very easily accessible and always looking to take the next step. Would definitely let everyone I know work with him. "


25 reviews in Toronto in 2020
"I needed to sell my condo during these difficult times of COVID-19 and was nervous seeing some of the recent trends. I used Steven before in the past and he was wonderful, so using him again was the obvious choice for me. And once again, Steven came through. From start to finish, Steven was there to answer questions, to guide me through staging and was there helping me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. He has an incredible way of connecting with you and making you feel at ease. We sold quickly and he was bang on with every assessment he made. I know that I will always look to Steven for any of my real estate needs."

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Who’s the top real estate agent in Toronto?

A - Steven Le earned 25 reviews in 2020 to be the top rated agent in Toronto.

Q - How are the reviews verified?

A - Reviews on go through a triple verification process. First, the person who posts the review has to confirm by email that they are who they say they are, what they wrote is true, and they take full legal responsibility for the contents of their review. Second, team members moderate reviews to ensure they adhere to our review policy (No spam, profanity, etc). Third, reviews are audited to spot patterns and signals to investigate further.

Q - What do agents get for being ranked in the Top 10 Toronto Realtors of 2020?

A - Pride in delighting their clients and being recognized for it. Listed on this page. Included in the video which is shared on social media. A badge they can use on their website, marketing material, and social media.

Q - How do the rankings work?

A - The rankings for 2020 are determined only by the agents’ ratings and reviews in 2020. These yearly rankings are a snapshot compared to the real-time rankings we maintain on each city page. Here’s a page to explain more details on the rankings.

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