Bob Maskell
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Our family considered hiring realtor Bob Maskell of Royal Lepage Realty to sell our property, but were not impressed and hired someone else. At our initial phone call with family members on the line, we discussed the process with Bob. Bob went on to recite a couple of industry facts and what they meant. One of our family members asked Bob to repeat what he just said, as she was trying to write down a couple of notes for understanding. Immediately, Bob scolded her, yelling at her, “The appraisal hasn’t even been done yet !!!” OF COURSE nothing had been done yet – this was our initial phone call to Bob to hire him. This was a completely stupid, condescending remark shouted at a client during the initial call with several witnesses. While Bob likely thought putting down a woman made him sound intelligent, it had the opposite effect of showing his lousy attitude toward a woman who politely asked him a reasonable question. In decades past, old timers might have gotten away with laughing off this patronizing behaviour towards women who weren’t on title, but no one in our family was impressed. We hired someone else. If this guy can barely conceal his disdain in even the first phone call to hire him, how professional will he act once he's hooked you into signing a contract? Deal with another office. - Pedro Nelson

April 01, 2024

Buying and Selling
Not Successful
House / Single-Family
Aug 2023

Pedro Nelson
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