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WARNING ABOUT Fred Moy Realtor Team This post is to warn people about a realtor team that is active in the Vancouver area - to hopefully make sure no one else has to experience what I experienced today. We went into 101-2763 Horley St. and was greeted by an extremely rude realtor as part of Fred Moy's Team, right off the bat. She popped out of the property and I asked her if this was the open house and she said rudely, yeah but it doesn't start till 2pm. I told her it was 2:01pm, she said yeah so that's why I'm inviting you in. I was like ok... sure whatever, maybe I misunderstood, walked in. My mom asked a simple question about the built of the place and she said "how am I supposed to know these historical stories" and we're like uh ok... and then she asked me to write down my info, which I did, just name and email because why do you need so much of my info? She forced me to write down the name of my realtor and my phone number, and when I said I didn't want to give out that information, she proceeded to call us names. I wrote down my phone number just to get her to stop berating us. She then phoned someone to "warn" them that we are just here to look and not wanting to buy, again calling us names to the person on the phone. I asked for her name she said she didn't have one (LOL) and I asked to speak to whoever she works for and she said "he doesn't have time to speak to the likes of you". So we're like screw this, we're leaving and I'm taking back my info. She then GRABBED MY ARM so hard and would not let go to make me let go of my OWN INFORMATION, accused me of stealing and proceeded to call us more names. She said she's going to call the police and I told her she should, so I can tell them that she assaulted me. Then she started to back track and say she meant that I should call the police. We told her that she has a really bad attitude and that's not how you should treat people, and she started yelling at us. Again. Needless to say we left and will not be purchasing any properties put on by this real estate team. If you ever encounter this lady, please be careful. - Kayla

April 22, 2019

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101-2763 Horley St

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