Jeff Parlee, Vancouver, Real Estate Agent
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Used his evancouverrealestate website search. He called over and over to get my business. After I sold my home he said "it was good I unsubscribe to the search because it's for customers". Very rude because I didn't answer a question. My sale was none of his business. Rude because I'd already sold do he didn't need my business anymore. Go elsewhere. - Debbie

June 14, 2017

Reply:    We are sorry to hear this response! We provide over 5000 people with this service which allows the customer to get listings 24-48 hrs prior to going on MLS, This service was opted in by the complainant and used the system on a regular basis for over a year. We did follow up with them on several occasions to see how we could be of more service. In our notes the client claimed they would be happy to work with us as they were unhappy with the service from their previous Realtor. We were not contacted to help the client sell their home which is fine and we are happy that they accomplished their goal.



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