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This is our experience with Lisa....At the end of the day, it's not about looking out for her client's best interests financially it's about her getting her commissions and sale, she does not negotiate well for your financial benefit and has no customer service skills. She thinks she is doing you such a favour by doing anything for you. When you get an offer after only being listed for 24 hours, She will try to pull all square foot "comparables" to beat you down to your "bottom line" which she will text you a picture of her notes from her first meeting with you, saying I know your bottom line is this, and tell you that her husband thinks you should take the offer. Her husband isn't even a realtor? She gets mad when you don't agree to the buyers request to make Addendums to the original agreement as she can lose the sale. She will let the buyers include your personal items such as all your deck furniture, deck boxes, deck umbrellas,and extra appliances instead of saying - "This is unreasonable to ask of my clients". It was an awful experience, we thought we would give our neighbour, and new realtor a chance with the biggest investment we have in which we work our butts of to have, maintain and take pride in, what a mistake. Little details don't seem to matter, she will not notice that all the buyers didn't even sign the contract and if you ask her for help she will make you feel like you are a royal pain. Our buyers were related to their agent, and then the agent during the negotiations became a buyer too since the original two buyers couldn't qualify on their own, we asked that her or someone from her office be there for the inspection so we didn't have only buyers walking around our house for 3 hours during the inspection, she thought this was unreasonable, freaked out on us via texts as she was on holidays. We had to phone her boss to get someone to help us and he happily helped us no problem. I think the real issue was that if someone helped her sit in our house during the inspection while she was on holidays, she would have to pay them. She will try to turn any situation around to make it your fault for being difficult, it's never her, no never. I actually start shaking when I talk about this whole experience it makes me so mad, I may seem like a ranting lunatic right now, but I am still shocked at how everything went.


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