Rodney Bosland
Team Solo
Company Aussie Toukley
Phone 024-397-****
Cell 041-133-****
Fax 024397422
Address Shop 1 315 Main Road
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Rod was an absolute pleasure to deal with and he went far above and beyond what was necessary to get me as a client. His expertise and help in the process got me across the line to get a property, but he put a lot of thought in to which bank to go with to get me the best rate and the highest amount I could get, which I needed to get the house I wanted because I was stretching the limits of my lending amount a bank would give me. Rod explained everything in the process to me and even though I know I was asking stupid questions I never felt like I was because of his kind and caring manner. There is no way anybody could have gotten me a better result than Rod did, I got the house I wanted and I truly believe that if somebody less competent or less patient was helping me I would have ended up with a different house I wasn't in love with. Rod will be getting all my business for as long as he is a broker and I truly mean that. - Andrew

May 04, 2020

Toukley, 02
Feb 2020

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