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Address 5 – 7331 Arbutus Street Pemberton, BC Canada V0N 2L1

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I was interested in purchasing a rural property that Lisa had had on the market for seven months. She first tried to discourage me from even viewing the property. She then tried pointing out all the reasons I wouldn't like it. Among other things, she gossiped about the neighbours' spiritual beliefs. When we made it clear that I was very interested, she delayed as much as possible, refusing to return calls and emails from my realtor. She didn't answer the most basic questions and refused to disclose if she had other offers. When we scheduled a second viewing, she dodged us for two days, then presented another offer, which she made sure was accepted before we could write ours. Lisa didn't just screw me out of a property I wanted to buy. She didn't just screw my realtor out of a commission. She screwed her own sellers out of the possibility of a better offer. She did all of this just to avoid sharing the commission, which was not even large. It's also likely that she was representing a buyer who wanted to get the property as cheaply as possible and was in a conflict of interest. She clearly didn't want a competing offer. This woman has NO ethics. Stay away!! - Maria McKay

August 13, 2016

Reply:    I understand you were interested in buying this property. This is a very busy market, I understand that that can be very stressful when you are a buyer. The seller is more than willing to accept back-up offers, so please contact your Realtor to discuss that option.

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Maria McKay

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