Michele Courtney
Website http://michelecourtney.com/
Team Solo
Company REMAX Ocean Pacific Realty
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Address 2230-A Cliffe Avenue
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We received utterly negligent service from our Realtor. She did not do what she promised she would do, lied to us and acted contrary to our best interests. She took us to one house only. She arrived late (also late to the inspection) and, upon entering the house, answered her phone and said: 'Look upstairs while I take this call'. She never went upstairs to view it. She spent approximately 15 minutes looking at the rest of the house with us. In her initial meeting with us, she had promised to educate us about making a good decision and failed to do so. Indeed, her pitch is that she used to be a teacher and therefore is well suited to educating clients. That did not happen. She failed to point out countless examples of shoddy workmanship and aspects of the house that were very poorly maintained or urgently needed updating. At most, she told us what could be done to improve the house, but never put those renovations in context by letting us know approximately how much they would cost. After our 15 minutes in the premises, our Realtor told us that a house in our price range in this neighbourhood was rare. That was a lie. In the 3 months since we've moved in, there have been 2 such houses for sale on our block alone. And, my neighbour moved into her house, which is comparable to mine and on my block, a few months before we did. Furthermore, it was contrary to our best interests that she narrowed the focus of our search down to this neighbourhood in that moment. We had never stated a preference for this neighbourhood and had clearly identified another neighbourhood as our first choice. It's clear that we were taken advantage of as first time buyers who placed their trust in a Realtor. - Natalie Deveaux

April 15, 2017

Reply:    Re: complaint from Ms. Natalie Deveaux ( April 6, 2017) received on May 3, 2017. The complaint characterizes me as “utterly negligent” having “lied to us” and “acted contrary to our interests.” I believe the following narrative will refute each claim and establish a standard over a period of some 15 months that supports my reputation for outstanding service and professionalism. Natalie Deveaux was referred to me by another client on February 18, 2015. At the time, Natalie was living in Mexico and her and her husband and son were wishing to relocate to the Comox Valley. As they did not know the area they wanted to move into a rental property and then determine their next step. I put them in touch with a few property management companies. Through a contact I was able to find them a rental property for Sept 1, 2015. We stayed in touch during the time they were living in the rental. I sent them emails, cards, and monthly newsletters. On July 19, 2016, they contacted me to say they were ready to start looking for a house to purchase. “She took us to one house only” doesn’t capture the process. We met on July 27th, 2016 to go over the criteria of the property type that they were interested in looking for. I set them up on the Private Client Search and they began their search. I referred them to a mortgage broker at RBC to discuss financing. The Buyers and I discussed areas and locations. I advised them to drive by properties that interested them to see what areas they liked. They emailed me on August 27, 2016 to request a tour of some properties they were interested in. I was away at the time and my team partner Bill Anglin met with them and showed them three out of the eight properties they wished to see. Five had accepted offers or had sold. Mr. Anglin and I work together and are registered as a team with the Real Estate Council of BC. (Courtney & Anglin Real Estate Group) On September 14th, 2016 Natalie called me to view a listing. She told me she was very interested in a Duplex in the neighbourhood where her son attended school and wanted to view it. Natalie shared with me that this was a neighbourhood they were very interested in as it was in east Courtenay and in close proximity to their son’s school and in a family friendly neighbourhood for their son. Natalie and I discussed the fact that she was concerned about the rising prices and current market conditions. She was ready to purchase a property and wanted to buy as soon as possible. She had also been given notice that her landlord wanted to move back into the duplex that she was renting. Our market conditions at the time were very strong for Sellers and duplex prices were rising and continue to rise. It was getting increasingly difficult to find a suitable property in the price range for which Natalie was qualified. We viewed the duplex on Sept 21, 2016. We walked through it together and I walked upstairs and downstairs with Natalie. It is my professional practice to also allow time for clients to walk through the home without me tagging at their heels to allow them time to think and view. The duplex was built it 1993. It had been a rental property. It was clean and vacant and hadn’t been lived in for a while. It was dated and I pointed out a list of improvements that were obvious and would be needed to update the home including door replacements, light fixture upgrades and future carpet replacement and paint. We discussed how best to renovate the main floor to open-up the kitchen area and maximize light into the living area. We discussed the ability to use the basement area for her homebased business. We discussed installing a window into the single garage to bring light into the garage as a workshop area for her husband. She told me that she and her husband were looking forward to spending time over the next several years improving the property. Natalie told me that she shopped wisely and had discovered the Habitat for Humanity “RESTORE” for renovation supplies and that she also found lots of deals on Craig’s List. She assured me that her husband was very talented at renovations and they were looking forward to the opportunity to build sweat equity. At no time did I suggest pricing for upgrades. It is not my professional practice to provide quotes for home improvements. They loved the neighbourhood as it was so close to the school that her son was attending. They were delighted that there was a park down the street. They felt that the home was in their price range. They asked me to prepare an offer. Prior to preparing an offer I prepared a market analysis of the duplex and provided the buyers with the selling history of the property. I also advised them of the current and predicted market conditions. We prepared an offer and after back and forth negotiation we had an accepted conditional offer. It is my professional practice to meet with my clients and the inspector at the property after the inspection to discuss the results. We met at the property on September 21, 2016. I was a half hour late to this meeting because my previous appointment went longer than expected. I called the inspector on my way to the meeting to let him and the client Natalie know that I would be late and if they were able to remain until I arrived. I was assured by the inspector and the Buyer that it was a lovely day, they were discussing the property and inspection, and that would not be a problem. I met them at 3:30 pm and spent a half hour going through the results of the inspection report. The Buyers requested that the Seller address the items outlined in the inspection summary page. The Sellers did not agree to repair or replace any of the items on the list except reattach venting in attic. The Buyers decided to proceed with subject removal. Subjects were removed on September 28, 2016. On October 28th, 2016 I gifted Natalie and Alberto a full day of professional home cleaning prior to possession so that their home was freshly cleaned prior to their move in day. Sincerely, Michele Courtney PREC*

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Courtenay, BC

Natalie Deveaux
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