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Laura Schewchenko conducted her business in an unprofessional manner and I would not recommend her to anyone. She was disorganized and frustrating to work with and if she conducts her business in the same manner as described below I would not recommend selling your condo/ buying your condo with her. As a condo owner I was very dissatisfied with her demeanour and how she left me without a place to stay and a week to move in day! I was working with Laura to set up a rental from out of town. She had to reschedule the meeting to view the property many times. Once I had sent a friend to view the apartment and then she cancelled last minute when they arrived at the unit. After emailing back and forth over several weeks to organize a viewing and sending a friend to finally view the property, she told me that the tenants are no longer moving out. This left myself without a place to stay and a week until I arrived in Calgary. She told me at that point that she didn't even want to rent to me stating " I wanted a year Lease! Read the Rent faster Ad. And at all Times your Boyfriend was aware that I was uncomfortable with a 4 month Rental." She described my friend who she met at the condo viewing as my boyfriend, which he was not, and if she had taken the time to read my emails and have a sensible conversation with him, she would have realized this. Laura Schewchenko told my friend in Calgary that others were interested in the unit, but never once communicated this with myself (the potential renter). After all of this I emailed her to say how dissatisfied I was that the unit is not even available. Her heated response minutes later stated that now it was available and that she happily rented it to someone else. Here is part of her response to my email: "Most Importantly Please do not tell me How to Run my Business! I Own several Buildings in this city not just this Furnished Rental...And I would not Own these had I not Know how to "Conduct a business" in your Terms! Good Luck finding a Rental-As you will see it is crazy out there. And unfortunately you are Not the only one Stressed out looking for Rental. .... I do not know who you think you are?" Laura Schewchenko is someone I would not recommend doing business with ever.